How do I remove DAX in SmartSDR 2.0.17

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I am using SmartSDR 2.0.17 at a mountain house remotely with the 6300 operating at home in the city, and it works great for audio, tuning etc.  Remarkable!  But I am going nuts trying to configure a microphone for Tx audio from afar.  DAX has no use on a remote machine, and I want to get it out of the audio configuration screens on the Windows 10 PC.  How do I remove DAX from this remote machine so it will not install on boot up, so I can make some sense out of the microphone audio settings in the PC?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Dax and Cat are optional components, selected when the SmartSDR software is installed.  A simple way to remove DAX is to uninstall SmartSDR and choose the option to uninstall DAX.  Be careful, the way the question is worded sometimes fools people.  Reboot the computer and install SmartSDR, but when you come to the screen to choose the components to install, don't select DAX.  The installation will complete without DAX.

There is a script available that uninstalls DAX, but I think simply uninstalling and reinstalling the whole system is the simplest way to go.
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Or you could remove it from startup, leaving the app available for potential future use. You might want to just leave it alone and use the “Remote Audio” feature - which does not use DAX. Works well.
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Thanks for your responses.  I looked in the "Startup" folder of Windows 10, and nothing is there (run  "shell:startup").  DAX and CAT must be invoked by some other mechanism.

I like the method of NX6D, simply uninstall and reinstall without DAX and CAT. 

Only thing wrong with the process is that I didn't think of it first!

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In my startup list there is FlexRadio Systems FlexVSP.  I am wondering if that is one or both of DAX and CAT?  There is also FlexRadio Systems SmartSDR v2.0.17.  Now I know that doesn't run automatically at startup so I am a bit confused about what that is in my start up folder. 
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I performed the Windows 10 uninstall process foor SmartSDR, and  reinstalled without DAX or CAT, and everything is running fine except that I receive an error message concerning an "iMIP item not present" on boot up.  There is nothing in my startup folder at all, now, so I don't know what you are seeing.  My SmartSDR 2.0.17 does not load on bootup (nor would I want it to...).  Wish I could be more help.


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In WIndows 10 you will find the Startup apps under Task Manager.  Start Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL or right click windows logo at bottom left of screen and select it). In Task Manager you will see a Tab that says "Startup".  Select it and you will see the apps listed.  Select the ones you do not want to be Enabled and select the "Disable" button at the bottom right. Or select the ones that are Disabled and select the "Enable" button  at the bottom right.  Next restart of your system should work as your want.

John K3MA
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I wouldn't necessarily recommend installing without the DAX & CAT optio, because even if you won't need DAX, there is a good likelihood that you will want to use CAT for a logging program or other interface.

I would recommend, as others have said, using task manager to disable DAX from the startup menu. There is no need for it to boot up with the computer at the remote site, since you will not be using it.

For your 6300, I would also recommend using Device Manager to disable all of the DAX RX audio channels above #2 and their associated RESERVED channels. I would also disable DAX IQ channels above #2.

This may clear up some of the excess Dax channels you see in the Windows audio utility.

Btw...if you are using remote and trying to get Mic audio using one of you computer's mic inputs, be sure to select that mic and make it the "default" recording device in the Windows sound utility. Then be sure to turn the "Remote" button ON in SSDR, and select "PC" for the mic as you make a Mic Profile in SSDR on your mountain cabin computer.
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In Windows 10,
  1. Open Task Manager & click on the "Startup" tab. 
  2. Find "DAX" in the list of processes. 
  3. Rght-click on "Enabled" & select "Disable".
  4. Find "SmartCAT in the list & repeat.
This way DAX & CAT are still installed should you ever need them, but they will not start automatically when Windows is started.

73, Ray, K9DUR
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Thanks Ray et al,

I now see that there are actually two methods of "startup" in windows 10, interconnected.  The "Startup" folder in the "Users" section, similar to Windows 7, and the Task Manager.  I went ahead and reinstalled SMartSDR 2.0.17, and then disabled DAX in the Task Manager.  CAT does have utility in linking to other apps, and is retained.

Thanks and 73s,