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Simple way to create BAND EDGE MARKERS.
You can create markers anywhere you want with this method.
Following Sets a marker at 7.125000   The Bottom of the Extra Phone Band on 40 Meters
Simply put a TNF at 7.125000, It creates a YELLOW LINE, Then Remember the TNF
and the line changes to GREEN.
Now you have a visual marker at 7.125000.....
Any time you re-boot your Flex or add another Panadapter the Marker is there.

Ken  W9IE
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Ken W9IE

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Posted 5 years ago

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Charles - K5UA

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Pretty slick!
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I stick post it notes on my screen.
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This sounds much better than the white-out i have been using :)
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Michael - N5TGL

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Nice workaround.  :)
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What's the worry? 

Everyone now a day is an EXTRA class!

Cynical and earnest too...

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Alan W4FBI

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OK, I'm a rookie - what is TNF? (haven't got my 6300 yet) thx
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Ken W9IE

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Alan,  Tracking Notch Filters are filters that can be set anywhere you may need them
to eliminate a Bird or noise caused by outside sources.
You can also remember them so anytime you go to a band they are always there.
Look up the Official Description in the User Manual.
Any way,  I just used that feature to leave a mark on the Screen at a Band Edge
so I had a Visual Indication.

Ken  W9IE
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Jay -- N0FB, Elmer

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TNF = Tracking Notch Filter.
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Richard W2FBS

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Neat idea. Still waiting for my 6300 but saving all these helpful hints for later. Thanks!
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Bill N3HQB

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The same technique can be used to mark channels on the 60 meter band.
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Jim Bryce W5HFS

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This is a great work around, and I'll be trying it. However, it would be quite helpful for Flex to provide options that are both flexible and persistent. These should include settings for each class of license and mode. 60 meters markings were quite helpful in Power SDR. Certainly this should be established for all the countries using Flex. Other more subtle matters concern power settings and issues regarding locations. Alerting regarding signal width spreading beyond the band edge, LSB, USB, CW envelope, etc. could be incorporated. Again 60 meters is the most complex, in the US at least. Perhaps a clean Interface for the user to design her own is the way to go, at least initially. Visual clues such as cross hatching, colors, balloons with text, and even audio could be incorporated. Things that could also be included would be a means of marking the sub-bands established by general agreement rather than by law. The whole idea is to make it more certain to not only meet the regulations but also to keep specialized areas free of QRM. I've been a ham for 63 years, most as Extra Class, so I've seen a lot of changes. It's not a matter of people being lazy or ignorant of these details; it's a matter of assisting the best operating possible. The great thing about Flex is the almost limitless potential for such improvements. Perhaps someone will use the APIs available and provide a finished add on. 
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SmartSDR for IOS has the band plans as an option. This would be a great enhancement for SmartSDR for windows.