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is it possible to hide the waterfall and only display the spectrum on The Maestro? 
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Posted 1 year ago

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Why would you want to do this? The waterfall displays much, much more usable information than the spectrum display. You can see MUCH weaker signals on the waterfall, and the history is invaluable in chasing DX, especially in split pileups.
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Jimmy Collis

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I think the question was could you hide the waterfall not why would you that wasn't the question
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Lee, N2LC

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I'll speak only for myself, and I too want to hide it.  Not delete, just hide when I don't want it there.  

I think part of my own reluctance to leave it as-is is due to somehow trying to hang onto 'reality' (legacy) operating.   I don't have much experience with waterfalls in normal operating, because I haven't embraced digimodes as 'normal'.    They're that other thing we can do and I did a couple of times and will do more of sometime.

I know there's a world out there I should be playing in, I just haven't felt it yet. 

Therefore, I want it like my Signalink - when I want it, I have it.  That's what I do with SSDR, right?   Who wants to look at a waterfall during a SSB contest??  (I know - there are reasons, I just haven't had the 'A-ha moment'.  The lightbulb has not come on.

Disclaimer:  I have had my Maestro for about 3 hours as of press time, so of course, I'm reading all the Maestro stuff.  And re-allocation of real-estate is the first search I made here. 

Just sayin'.

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Don Cunningham

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I'm with you, Jamie.  I would like to do that too, both on SSDR and Maestro!  Is it possible??
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Do you mean like this? Just pull the freq line
with the mouse on SSDR.

73, Jim N9VC

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Hide waterfall on Maestro is not possible. 50% scope and 50% water fall (in case of one RX windows :-)

73 Chris DL5NAM
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Marcus does it in SmartSDR.
While the waterfall has its functional place, on the iPhone and Maestro when you want to focus on the spectrum display, two spectrum slices are so much better without losing half the vertical screen geography to the accompanying waterfalls
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Chris DL5NAM

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Marcus does it in SmartSDR-IOS  :-)
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Don Cunningham

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Thanks, Jim.  That will help me as you said.  I am not finding as many uses for the Maestro as I was thinking I would. Several things are "different" and more cumbersome on the Maestro than on SSDR.
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Agree Fully...  Jim K4JAF
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@ Jamie - not configurable in SmartSDR for Maestro

@ Don - https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2016/05/15/maestro-roadboat-trip-to-washington-island/ shows some of my Maestro use.  The control software in one post is now discontinued as those features were largely integrated into SmartSDR updates.

Blog:  http://k9zw.wordpress.com