Help working dx in SSB - Any suggestions?

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I would like to have some hints about using my Flex 6300 in SSB.
Until today I used it only in CW mode and I find it nearly perfect, but now I have some doubts when I use it in SSB mode.
First of all I find midrange frequencies very very attenuated. Also I find NB feature very aggressive and using the DSP slide, from very low to very high, doesn't help a lot.
During an A/B test between my 6300 and the KNW 990, eliminating all DSP/EQ features and fixing BW at 2400 Hz on both radios, I found in 990 a great presence of midrange frequencies that I didn't find in my 6300. Then I was more surprised finding that, enabling or disabling the Equalizator, made the difference between copying or not copying the dx station (I try to repeat the same experience in the video below).
Pheraps I am missing something and I would be glad if you could suggest me a good practice to work dx-stations.

73' Enzo

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Posted 4 years ago

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You have the mid range EQ sliders above zero so you are adding about 6 db boost to the mids and trying to compare that to 0db when the EQ is off. For a valid comparison you need to boost your AF level by the same amount your EQ is boosting or when turning on the EQ, reduce your AF gain by the same amount then all things will be equal. Also you didn't mention anything about what speakers these radios are using.
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I am wondering how can measure audio level while I am listening to a dx station. Probably with a software VU meter (I'll look for it on the web).
I usually use Bose Companion II speakers, but the audio in the video is directly taken from DAX-AUDIO Stream, so this should not make difference.

I am also wondering, as already noted Salvador, why I hear so low a station that has a S5-S6 signal. My antenna is an Optibeam OB9-5 so I think it isn't related to the antenna efficiency.

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I hardly ever use EQ on RX to pick weak signals up. I find it odd that with S7 those stations are so low in volume at your QTH. I wouldtry the ANT PreAmp to make it a bit clearer.

I find myself using the AGC more than anything else. I like it FAST (to recover quickly from the bigger signals to the smaller ones) and I probably stay at around 15 to 20% of the AGC slider.