Hello is anyone home?

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I called FRS today to ask a question and there is no one to answer the phone. Has everyone there packed it in and left for more dryer, safer locations?

and as an added note on the phone system, I just cannot understand why when you push zero for the operator you get shipping. Press zero again when no one answers and it transfers you, you get shipping again? Weird! Guys at FRS, you should check your auto-phone switching out.

I need to know what adapter cable I need for a Heil Proset Elite HC6 for the 6300. Do I need to use a switch to key the 6300 or can I use just Vox. I have an AD-1-Y, but when I plug it in to the radio it just keys it. Vox is not on and there is no way for it to unkey unless I pull out the cable. Looking at the cable page for the headset the correct one listed is the AD1Y.
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Posted 2 years ago

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....ask Bob Heil. The Heil page is a wealth of information.
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FRS is probably shutdown due to the hurricane, and everything that involves.  Phone problems may be due to power outage issues.  Give 'em a break.
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Official Response
I use the AD-1-Y. It is for Yaesu
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FlexRadio System is properly close and taking shelter from the impendent hurricane Harvey that is taking place in Texas.

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I use the Pro Elite/ HC-6 and Pro 7/ HC-7 headphones with the AD-1-Y and the 6300. To key the xmit I use a switch like the Heil hand or foot switch plugged into the 1/4 socket off the adapter. 

If you have the VOX adjusted correctly it should work fine with the headset without orwith a foot or hand switch connected.
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When I plugged in the headset to the adapter cable and plugged it into the radio, The radio keyed and stayed keyed even with it screwed on. The mic was hot at that point. 
Gee come to think of it, I hope the FCC wasn't listening at that particular moment!
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You can turn that ptt line off in configuration.
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Rick, if you pushed 1 for sales, I would have answered.

No rain where I live.

We do not Answer the phone if we're on a call with another customer, so please leave a message next time.

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Well actually they were home. They are getting ready for the storm. 
I have determined that to use this headset with the 6300, I need to use an adapter for the headphone side to plug in to the headphone jack on the front of the 6300 as there is no audio out on the mic connector. As far as keying (or not keying) I am not sure what to do.   The connector is a TRS type and the radio is a round 8 pin using pins 7,and 8 for the mic and 5 for ground, 6 for PTT. I don't think the Heil Pro Elite is compatible with the 6300.
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Heil Headset adapters have two jacks. One (the 1/8") is for the mic cord from the headset. The larger one is for a separate PTT switch. The headphone plug on the headset needs to plug into a headset jack on the radio. The PTT jack is just a two conductor TR jack, To switch to TX just short the two conductors.
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My Pro Set Elite with AD-1-Y works fine with the 6300. Order the AD-1-Y with a foot or hand switch and you will be ready to go. 
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Seriously, on of our service team members is very concerned where he lives in Bastrop south of Austin.  They could get two feet of rain in a short period of time if predictions hold.  I have heard we may get that much over three days here in Austin.  The company and where I live are on high ground but not all of our employees are.

Down south it looks very bad for the weekend.

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Gerald, don't get me wrong, I know that you and you staff are in harms way. I was thinking that everyone had flew the coup to get to their families and get to a safer area. That would be a good reason for no one answering the phone don't ya think? 
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Gerald, Prayers go out to to you and the rest that are in Harms way of the Hurricane & The high water....  Stay safe!!     Corey   KC0YNS 
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I grew up in Houston, which looks like it is getting a lot of rain. Probably the worst hurricane since Hurricane Carla hit Houston in 1962.

As a boy, and until I moved away from Texas in 1975, I often fished in Aransas bay and Copano bay. I stayed in Rockport, TX where the eye of the hurricane just passed over. My wife and I honeymooned in Rockport in 1973. Fond memories accompany the city in my heart. My great Uncle was one of the County Comissioners of Fulton County prior to WW II. Rockport is located in Fulton county. I feel for the folks there. I hope no Flex employees live there... yes, Gerald, Bastrop will be catching it big time. I am with the Rockporters in spirit. On th other hand, Austin and central Texas probably can use the rain. I had read that the Edwards Plateau aquifer needed replenishing. It should get a real boost now.
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Another option (that I use) is a $15 USB audio adapter that plugs into my computer. It works well, and when I work remotely I just carry a laptop and the Heil Pro-7 - works nicely. I use either the MOX button or VOX, either works well. 
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Our thoughts are with you from this QTH.   I hope everyone makes it through the storm without injury or damage.  


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AD-1-Y is correct adapter, you plug the 1/8" jack into the mic adapter, the 1/8" headphone adapter into THE RADIO and the 1/4" jack is for the PTT switch.

If you plugged your headphone into the 1/4" jack on the adapter, you have shorted the PTT switch.


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Ok folks... I must have had a brain fart. If you connect things properly it does work. No need to run PTT, vox works just fine. Thanks for all the help. 

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