Hdmi fix correction suggestion for flex solution

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After experimenting with the display issue I have determined the following

Problem Definition:

1. Anytime current draw is sensed from the flex hdmi port before startup has been completed by the internal computer the flex screen boots sideways.

2. Anytime current draw is sensed from the flex hdmi port after startup has
been completed by the internal computer both the flex screen and the connected hdmi monitor display correctly.


Inhibit the 5 volts pin 18 from being supplied to the hdmi connector on the flex rear panel until flex startup has completed.

This way it does not matter if the monitor is on or off or if there is an hdmi switch involved or not because without the 5 volts on pin 18 if flex uses pin 19 which is a hot detect it should not matter.

Passive hdmi switches with led indicators do not indicate without a power source until the flex cable is plugged in.

Hopefully this could be implemented with a firmware update depending on how much control flex has with the internal computer os and firmware / hardware.


I am not an engineer but I bet if somehow I opened the 5v line on my hdmi port where the flex connects and put a switch there It would be a work around.

Just my observations from my tests.
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Posted 1 month ago

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It would be interesting what Flex comes up with after all the testing they are doing on this problem. I would think the software touches every component in the radio, SDR
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I have the same exact issue with my 6400M, ver 2.1.33. When I have my HDMI cable plugged into my 6400M and power it on, the screen on the 6400M boots up 90 deg sideways. What I need to do is not have the HDMI cable plugged in or have the external HDMI screen monitor powered on before powering on my 6400M. I went into the Intel video monitor configuration file in the 6400M and configured it for two monitors, saved, rebooted the 6400M, no difference, same issue. This is not a show stopper, more if a nuance. 
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Have you guys tried an inexpensive HDMI switch where you leave one port unplugged?  Perhaps on boot you could switch it to the unused port.   

If anything maybe the inside of the switch could be modified to not give the 5V
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As long as you have the flex cable plugged into an hdmi switch the current draw occurs whether or not the switch is set to the flex or another input.

My temp solution is to run the hdmi cable from the flex leaving it connected to the flex but the other end of it lays disconnected beside the hdmi switch where i plug it in if i want to use the monitor after the flex is started then all is well. When I shut the flex off then I unplug the cable from the switch again.
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Crud... Well I was hoping that might be a temp fix!
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Dozens of AVR receivers, Dozens of 4K TV Sets, Dozens of computer monitors, dozens of different computer manufacturers. Everyone uses a standard HDMI set of parameters, and everything plugs into each other and everything works. So placing a HDMI monitor on the radios HDMI port, seems to be something that should just work.. I think Flex will nip this in the butt very fast,, 
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It was a fix for me.  I my HDMI switch is in the empty position when the flex is turned on, all is well.  Pressing the button on the switch is easier than plugging in the HDMI cable after startup.