Has anyone tried Remote operation, since DAX is available?

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Now that DAX is running, I'm trying to run audio via the computer (AKA: Remote operation) within my local network, not the Internet. Just Rx for now.

I can't figure out how get the radio audio onto my PC's speakers.

Running Win7 Ultimate.

Any ideas?
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Posted 6 years ago

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Probably easy Mike but I havent figured it out yet either. I do see the audio level fluctuating on the DAX level adjust though. Must be getting somewhere.. Hi Hi

FOLLOWUP: I have noted that theDAX channel is routed to the front panel jacks on the upstair computer I am trying this on rather than the rear panel speaker jack for my amplified speakers. However when I plug in headphones on the front panel headphones jack I still hear nothing... Its possible these are not connected up to the motherboard... Ill try all this again on the laptop.
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The problem may be that DAX is presented as a sound card device which you need to route to antoher sound card device. You can route a DAX recording channel to another sound card device by going into the Win7-8 control panel Manage audio devices> recording and seletec the DAX Audio RX channel properties> Listen Select listen to this device and the select the sound card you wish to hear audio through.

AL, K0Vm
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Thanks Al... that did the trick... Im now tuning and listening to the 6700 upstairs here on the Den computer!!
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I did the same here with two slices. It really works great! I now have a new radio in the family room.
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Ive been operating my 6700 using DAX and Virtual Audio Cable Audio Repeater to tie my computer mic and speakers to the radio. I key the radio by clicking MOX.

Its not the most comfortable way to operate, but as far as a proof of concept goes, pretty impressive.

I find I operate more when I don't have to go out to the shop and start a fire in the wood-stove... sure has been cold this year.
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Which would be les overhead...Using VAC Repeater or using the Windows 8 sound mapping route?

I am using a N300 wireless media bridge to connect my desktop and 6500 to the wireless network in the living room. I used my wife's Fugitzu i3 laptop yesterday to play around using SSDR and VAC Audio Repeater. After about 35 minutes it lost connection with the 6500. WHen I went back to the shack, I had to reset the 6500 to get it to be recognized by the local desktop.

What is my next step?
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Using free DV you can use this as Audio 'front end' and have the advantage of instant switch to codec 2 digital. FreeDV boasts a comprehensive voice equalizer as well. That's my standard for voice operation now.

Here is the config, reverse for TX of course.....
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I'm not sure but I think this may be more of a smart cat issue than a smart SDR. Usually have smartCat Running on two different computers one managing DDUtil the other managing applications on the primary computer. Sometimes I find that there is been random loss of communications by either of them were smart SDr no longer communicates with an application on the main computer or DDUtil is no longer responding to the other smart cat application on the second computer.

If the radio and computers along with the programs are being utilized generally there does not seem to be a problem. But if they are left alone for a a while it seems communication is lost from one of the cat programs.

Today I left things running for a while while I went into the house to ice my back. When I went back to the shack and tried to tune the radio it tuned fine but there was no longer communication to DX labs therefore the software for DX labs was no longer tracking or controlling the radio. I tried the test function on smart cat and
always got the? Response to any command given. Closing smart cat then restarting it usually solves the problem.

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Al - This is a good answer.  Let me add 1 caveat - BE SURE to check when you use the "LISTEN TO THIS DEVICE" function that since it's usually set to DEFAULT DEVICE, that the DEFAULT actually goes to your SPEAKERS.  The reason I mention this is that in Win7 and later, some builds of the OS from MAJOR vendors such as Dell, will auto-set the DEFAULT to the last installed Sound device....WELL... that last installed SOUND DEVICE might just be your DAX channel.... Not a big problem. Just go into your sound setup and PLAYBACK devices and set your SPEAKERS back to be your DEFAULT DEVICE.  All should be right with the world.  NOTE:  This is my personal experience and NOT an official FlexRadio Answer... since we don't officially support this operation... yet.  73, Greg

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