Has anyone gotten spots to display on all panadapters?

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I managed to get spots to work using Commander and Spot Collector but it seems to be limited to whatever slices I designate as VFO A and VFO B in Commander even though Spot Collector is displaying spots for many more bands and I have the corresponding slices open.

I would like to display spots on each of the eight SSDR panadapters/bands being displayed as they are displayed in Spot Collector.

What am I doing wrong?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Have you tried Slice Master?  Any spots shown in Spot Collector will be displayed on any panadapter that includes the frequency of the spot.

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I'll have to check it out.

I just don't want to keep on adding more and more layers of third party software in addition to SSDR.

It seems that the ultimate solution would be to have a skimmer, decoder and filters all built into SSDR to eliminate all the additional software and back and forth network traffic.
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Hi Pat,I don't think you are doing anything wrong.  Mine is working the same way.  I think this is the way Dave designed his spot code.  I too would like to see spots on all the panadapters.  Hopefully Dave will chime in here,73, Bob, N7ZO
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I'll chime in by posting this question posted on the DXLab Discussion Group by Pat N6PAT and my responses (preceded by +):

Flex has just released Smart SDR v2.3.7 which now allows displaying spots on each panadapter. There is no filtering built in so it depends on whatever filtering the spot source is applying

I use Spot Collector as the filtering is perfect for my needs. The major drawback is that in order to forward the spots to the panadapter I have to send them via Commander. This causes a problem as Commander will only send spots to a single active VFO (either A or B). This means my Flex 6700 with the capability to display 8 VFO's at the same time can only display spots for either VFO A or VFO B .

I would like to see an option in Commander to have additional VFO's and the ability to send SC filtered spots for a specific band to whatever panadapter that has a VFO tuned to that band even if the associated VFO is not the active VFO. This way I use SC to filter for the states I need on 10 and 20 meters, have Commander send the 10 meter spots to the 10 meter panadapter, send the 20 meter spots to the 20 meter panadapter, etc.

Slice Master is able to split out the spots per panadpter for all 8 panadapters but lacks the filtering capabilities of SC so it causes all spots to be displayed and not just the needed ones. It will use the color indicators of SC but the result can be a very cluttered screen with many unneeded spots .

+ I added the NeedCategory field in SpotCollector 7.9.9 so that Don K1DBO could enable Slice Master to use the "need coloring" specified in SpotCollector. SpotCollector already provides the information required to implement the filtering of displayed callsigns.

Additional VFO's in Commander would solve this problem 

What's the chances of adding more VFO's to Commander and changing it so it will send spots to all the panadapters and not just the active VFO?

+ That depends on what fraction of the user community would benefit from extending Commander to support more than two VFOs. Implementing/testing/documenting such an extension would be straightforward, but the time spent doing that would be time not spent on all the other tasks populating each DXLab application's Enhancement Log (see < https://www.dxlabsuite.com/download.htm#AvailableReleases>). I also try to avoid replicating functionality already being provided by applications that interoperate with DXLab; Slice Master doesn't yet do what you want, but it would be wasteful for Don and I to replicate each other's work. 

+ I'm a DXer, and have owned a Flex 6500 since it first became available. Personally, I haven't found a compelling use for its VFO C and VFO D besides extending PropView and Commander to use them for monitoring the NCDXF Beacon Network (after I put up a multi-band antenna). That's why I posted the "Request to DXers who use a radio with more than 2 VFOs" message here and on the eHam DX Forum - to understand how other DXers are using radios with more than 2 VFOs. Jay KA9CFD has already posted a description here of his multi-VFO usage scenario; on eHam, Michael W9CN described a clever multi-VFO scheme for use in SSB pileups.

+ To make the tradeoff concrete, consider these two options:

1. extend Commander to support 8 VFOs, as you suggest above

2. extend Commander to display callsigns on a Spectrum-Waterfall window powered by a $200 RSP

+ Which would benefit the larger fraction of the DXLab user community?

+ I haven't answered your question, but hopefully you now understand the considerations that underlie my prioritization decisions.

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I'm using slice master to send spots to smartSDR and am seeing spots on several bands simultaneously, I currently have 40m, 20m and 15m spots showing simultaneously on my setup
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Yeah. I'll have to try Slice Master. Lots of positive reviews posted. Sounds like that's the way to go.
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I have played with this for several hours, different plugins and such. I settled on slice master and seems to be working great! You can include 4 addresses for telnet or local sources and is highly configurable. Ideally it would be nice if in a future version flex included this option (half way there) so there is no 3rd party plugin needed but works fine for now.
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Slice Master is a nice piece of software but unfortunately it doesn't have the filtering abilities of Spot Collector. I only want the spots for states and DX that I need to be displayed.
For now I'll limit spot displays to VFO A via Commander. It does a great job with using Spot Collector filters.
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You can set it up to connect o 4 different clusters and put in a filter string in each cluster. That should work.