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Will there be a printed manual available for purchase for the 6400M/6600M? Its so much easier to find stuff make notes and you don't have to have a 2nd computer beside you which I do so often to read and follow along when your using applications and trying to read the manual on the same computer. Just doesn't work well.

This is my current solution, it has been so helpful and I use it all the time. The manual content is great but no hard copy ... not so much ...

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Posted 2 years ago

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I'm waiting for the audiobook.  
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I am waiting for the Netflix series!
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Official Response
We are committed to providing up to date documentation electronically.  Additionally, if we did print and bind the manuals, they would most likely cost more than if you had it done yourself at the local print and shipping store.

To quote Dr. McCoy, "we're a radio manufacturer, not a print shop, Jim"
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I do wish you would consider chapter+page numbering as noted above so that the user could change pages instead of reprinting the entire manual when significant revisions are made.  That way you could add a page or two to Chapter 3 without having to reprint everything from Chapter 4 and onward.

The FCC used to do that with the broadcast regulations back in the days when an on-site copy was necessary. (slightly after they discontinued the use of stone tablets but before electronic publishing)
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Actually, the quote should be more along the lines of "D..n it Jim.  I'm a doctor, not a print shop!"  :-)  Deforest Kelly was always one of my favorite actors from the original Star Trek....
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I'm a big fan of Star Trek having watched every single episode in the original TV series.  I owned a recent vintage K3 transceiver.  Each K3 came with a printed manual at no extra charge; additional copies (KS3) currently are selling at the modest price of $19.95.  That sounds like a nice touch for a company who, much like FRS, manufactures top of the line radios, notwithstanding that neither company is a "print shop".
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I am holding the manual for my New Classic AOR AR3030... Original Manual and a whopping 51 Pages... But the manual is only  4X8" so more like 15-18 pages!! Naturally the AR3030 was made before iPads, PDF and the Internet was at full capacity so a hard copy was considered mandatory.. 1993..

Flex Manual is full 8x11" pages at 165 pages...Smart SDR 46 Pages.. Lets call it  200 pages for both... The point being that radios use to be a lot simpler.. A K3 Transceiver can be operated without the use of a manual for most features.. The new ICOM 7610 radios manual is 91 pages long,, full of a lot of dead space and small pictures... And ICOM has already made 3 revisions and everyone tries to figure out, what changed??

I side with Flex.. Smart SDR and the 6600M manual are loaded on my Desk Computer, Loaded on my Dedicated Ham Radio 2 in 1 computer and on my iPad.. Printing real manuals is not easy and readable size is critical. My new Olympus DSLR camera came with a printed manual,, but you need to wear a magnifying glass to read the small print.. Naturally they wanted it to fit in the camera box.. OH, it comes in 4 languages as well.. 

I will agree with you on one thing,, If FLEX wants to elevate their game to the next level,, then providing a printed manual would be a nice touch.. When I got my wife her new MB 300 car, the Benz dealer also gave us a Hat, T-Shirt and a SS water bottle.. Not a big deal when you get a $40K car, but still a nice touch.. Flex has Customer Service as a TOP priority,, Yaesu, Icom and Kenwood could learn a lot from Flex.. So yes,, a manual would be a nice touch but not a deal breaker for most people..