Hara Arena no more

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From the official Dayton Hamvention Website: 
"On behalf of the Hamvention General Chair and the DARA Board of Directors.
This is an Official Announcement concerning the 2017 Dayton Hamvention and

Dayton HamventionR 2017 News Update

The Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA) regrets to inform our many
vendors, visitors and stakeholders that, unfortunately, HARA has announced
the closing of their facility. We have begun execution of our contingency
plan to move HamventionR 2017 to a new home.

DARA and HamventionR have enjoyed many successful years working together
with HARA Arena and we wish the Wampler family the best.

DARA and HamventionR have been working on a contingency plan in the event
HARA would become unavailable. We have spent many hours over the last few
years evaluating possible locations and have found one in the area we
believe will be a great new home! Due to logistics and timing issues, we
will make a formal announcement introducing our new partner. This
information will be coming soon. We all believe this new venue will be a
spectacular place to hold our beloved event. Please rest assured we will
have the event on the same weekend and, since it will be in the region, the
current accommodations and outside events already planned for HamventionR
2017 should not be affected.

We look forward to your continued support as we move to a new future with
The Dayton HamventionR.

Ron Cramer
General Chairman
Dayton HamventionR 2017"

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Mike W9OJ

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Posted 3 years ago

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Neal - K3NC, Elmer

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Your title isn't correct and is likely to cause some concern. The Hamvention likely will be healthier than ever before because many people were turned off by the facilities (especially the sewage year!). They should have chosen to move years ago but now they are forced to do it so I hope they get a great place.
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Rick - N4RZ

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What is wrong with the title?   It says the Hara Arena is going away not the Hamvention.
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Mike W9OJ

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The original title was Dayton Hamvention No more.
A moderator edited it to make it correct.

Mike W9OJ
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Happy dance! Hara arena was a dump!
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Michael Coslo

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After visiting the 2011 Hamvention, where a sewer line broke, and spread little nuggets of joy over the parking lot, I found the idea of going to Dayton a real non-starter. I'm looking forward to the 2017 Hamvention, and am going specifically because it isn't at the same old place. 

While it is a little sad - and probably even more so for the old timers - Mostly, just like SDR is replacing legacy radios, it was time.
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Steve K9ZW, Elmer

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This is GOOD news.  While I love to mingle and meet fellow hobbyists the Hara was such a dump that I had stopped going.  The XYL did stop in at Hamcation in Orlando instead.

The Hara was unsafe (I don't think it could have been used here in Wisconsin in the shape it was in), grungy (which is being generous), and in so many ways inadequate for the this day and age.

Actually very excited about the move of Hamvention to a new site - I have other things I would like to do in Dayton and would love to return.




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I agree, it has been time for a change for white a while. I have watched not only Hara, but the whole neighborhood deteriorate severely over the past 35 years.

One thing is, though, I will need to learn a new flea market touring route! I hope they publish a good map of the new venue to facilitate advance planning.
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Now if they would only move it out of the Rust Belt..

In case you missed it...here it the famous Hara Sewage Eruption


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Mike W9OJ

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Aren't there any good hamfests where the beautiful people live?
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Hara Arena had gotten so bad that my 2016 Group voted NOT to return for 2017 so this is actually wonderful news--- assuming they can find a place that works in the Rust Belt

I hear that Indianapolis has a nice arena....

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YAY! That's great news. Maybe I'll even try to attend a Hamvention now.

There was no way I'd go to Hara.

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Happy, happy, happy!
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A DARA member/volunteer commented to me that the leadership had been struggling with developing a plan for the last 4+ years, each year setting the signed agreement to use the DARA until 2018 as a good enough reason to kick the can down the road.

The Capitol Convention Center was high in discussions, though one wonder if there would be an easy way to accommodate the Swap/Flea Mart anywhere close in the Short North district?  I'm wondering if the cost differential for housing/dining would fly as well?  Sure would have a huge XYL appeal for those of us who like to travel as a couples.

Another often mentioned possibility would be an all under tent venue at the AeroExpo Park (just off I-75).

Will be interesting and hopefully the DARA leadership coalesces quickly on a new venue.


Steve K9ZW 

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