happiest day of my life

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flex is like a boat two happy days the day u get it and the day you get rid of it today I sold my flex

now I have a radio that the power cord does not fall out of 

it comes on within second after I push the button

the outboard display does not cause the radio to start up sideways screen

and my mike and cw and phone plugs in on front 
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Posted 11 months ago

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Neil D Friedman N3DF

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So what fabulous radio do you have?
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Bill -VA3WTB

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I would not bother asking him, there is something wrong with his comments. One of them is not a problem, the other has been corrected a long time ago. Very behind in information.
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David Decoons wo2x, Elmer

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My power cable has not fallen out of my remote 6500 or local 6600. Guess I am not tripping over it.

You can’t please everybody.

My 6600 has performed beautifully during CQ WPX this weekend.
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Winston VK7WH

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I bought my 6700 in 2014. No only has the power cord not fallen out, it has never given me a problem other than those problems I have caused myself, and I will never sell it

I’m currently in Hawaii, and spent a wonderful day operating an Icom legacy radio from the Battleship Missouri Amateur Radio Station KH6BB. A once in a lifetime opertunity for me, but oh how I missed my Flex. It was like I was operating with a blindfold.

Just my 2cents worth. YMMV

Winston VK7WH
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Jeff / KI0KB

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The day I had to sell my boat was a sad day. I had to move across the country and could not take it with me. I suspect selling my Flex would be even worse. No plans to do that but if I did my Flex 660M and 6400M will both be going with me.
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Johan / SE3X

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I think I will have the same feeling as Rick when soon departing with my back-up IC-7300 .. :)   Despite it having all the features Rick prefer over the Flex 6700 I'm in love with ..
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Wendell Abernathy/N4VLK

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Everyone certainly has a right to their opinion.  But what struck me about this thread is EVERY RESPONSE listed their call sign.  Not so with Rick... Just saying.
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Johan / SE3X

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Can't see yours? Just sayin :)
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Burt Fisher

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“Just saying...”
As the rule goes, you can say anything you want as long as you’re “just saying,” right? (Exhibit A: “She really shouldn’t wear that shirt, just saying.”) Um, no. Whether to the person’s face or not, no matter how you disguise it, rudeness is rudeness.
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K1UO - Larry

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Burt's call is K1OIK  and, in my opinion, is a kind and thoughtful man... just saying.
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Wendell Abernathy/N4VLK

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My call was dropped from my profile at some point (I have added it back), but I did sign with my full name and photo.  It would be easy to look me up on QRZ.  Same with Burt.  His call is not listed, but easy to find.  My point was meant to be a general one, I don't give as much credibility to any post anywhere when the poster chooses to remain anonymous.
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I am sad. Sad that I didn't know ricky was selling his Flex. I would have bought it in a blink.
Used Flex radios are rare ghosts here on the local german market. By the time you find one and want to call the buyer you just find that was already sold. I wonder why? :-) I rather wait a bit for the start of my rig (and what kind of issue is that anyway???) then dig deep in menu to set it up.
Power cord falling off? Really? Mike and CW plugs in front of the rig? Yeah I had that with the beloved Yaesu and Kenwood. Now i want my desk neat and no more cable salad. Flex got it!
Anybody in Germany having same remorse as ricky and want to sell his Flex? Please please please let me know and post it here first or send me a private mesage. 73 DM1TX Val
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Burt Fisher

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He has a point about, "it comes on within second after I push the button."
I start mine, go get the mail, read the mail, answer the mail and come back and it's ready.
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David Decoons wo2x, Elmer

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I can’t remember the last time I shut my 6600 off. Oh yeah, when I built my new desk.
My 6500 at the remote site has been on over a year now.

You never know when you have the itch to work remote.

Dave wo2x
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Burt Fisher

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Electricity is free for you?
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Zack Schindler - N8FNR

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If I am not going to use my 6400 I shut down my rig and the PS. See no reason to use electricity for no reason, 
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Mark - WS7M

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None of his points to me "make sense"....

Comes on within a second: First this radio is a server.  Leave it on.  If you plan to operate day to day, Leave it on.

Power cord.   If it is falling out, something needs to be fixed.  To sell the whole thing because the power cord falls out is like selling your boat and trailer because the trailer light plug doesn't stay in.   Fix the plug or a radio.   Happy.

CW key and mic in the front.  Ok perhaps now we understand why his power cord keeps falling out.  Sounds like he was continuously turning the radio around.  Who knows.   But for a few dollars you can make extensions.

Flex radio is not for everyone.  The good thing is he has probably made an appreciate new owner very happy.

Mark - WS7M

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Bill N3HQB

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The 6300 has mic and CW plugs in front; the display is always landscape; the power plug stays in, you can leave it turned on; you could have had it all.
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Bill -VA3WTB

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I don't beleive his post...
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Does the word "TROLL" pop up Bill. It sure did to me even before reading all the replies. Not worth my time.
Photo of Bill -VA3WTB

Bill -VA3WTB

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That's what I was trying to say Doug without really saying it,,lol
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Burt Fisher

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Doug hams have a habit of calling those who they disagree with a troll. Other than the plug falling out he has a point.
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W3EX -- Tom

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I guess this fits into the category of "Different strokes for different folks"
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mikeatthebeach .

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Whatever floats your boat
73 Mike
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My Flex is perfect. No knobs and fully remote control. 
Russ K5OA
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Rick WN2C

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Rick, I am happy for you.
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KY6LA - Howard, Elmer

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I can think of many potential happiest days of my life but buying and/or selling any physical object such as a radio or boat or car would definitely NOT be one of them.

Photo of Burt Fisher

Burt Fisher

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There was a ham in California who said the happiest day of his life was receiving a QSL card from Bhutan. And he that included his marriage, children, when I pointed that out in a forum I was banned for a week.
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Mike - VE3CKO, Elmer

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All this post and thread goes to show is that SDRs are not for all hams. Some can't handle the technology, or can't grab the concept of using anything other than same old hand microphones or same old desk microphones. That's ok, there will always be other radios to choose from and there is nothing wrong with that.

Just find it odd he had to tell us that he is happier with legacy technology, which of course only sparks responses. My happiest days of being a ham, getting LOTW confirmation on new DX, achieving 8-band soon to be 9-band DXCC thanks to FlexRadio.

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Ned K1NJ

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"...which of course only sparks responses."  [VE3CKO]
Probably the purpose of the post.  Sure got a lot of bites and spurred
controversy among well-meaning people.

            Ned,  K1NJ

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Ken - NM9P

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I sympathize with the poster. There are always a few issues and characteristics with any rig that require user adaptation.  Some users are able easily to adapt to them, others are not.  It is a matter of personal taste and style.  I do not know what model of rig he has, but I assume it was a 6400M  or 6600M due to reference to the video screen and Mic, Key, & Phone jacks inconveniently located on the back of the rig.

However, there are solutions to almost all complaints.

1) Power plug falling out:  I suspect that they power cord may have been defective and new ends could have been put on them.  Or perhaps the cord was left to dangle with all of its weight behind the desk and/or pets, kids or errant feet moving behind the desk unplugged it.  (My dog did that ONCE.)  In any case, for a few cents, the power plug could have been secured with a zip tie or twist tie to keep it from getting knocked out.  Or an available screw and cable clamp could be employed.  A little Amateur Radio engineering could solve this problem.  Myself, I like that it is possible to yank the cord out, rather than yank my rig off the desk.

2) Boot up delay.  Since I never use the rig without my computer for logging or other functions anyway, whenever I have turned my rig and computer off, the rig always boots up faster than my i3 computer with Windows 10 does.  Not a problem for me.  In any case, my 6500 never takes longer than about 45 seconds to boot up.  However, for some users, more than 10 seconds may be an eternally difficult time to delay a conversation or a chance to call that rare DX station when it is spotted.

3) Sideways display.... I haven't heard that problem discussed her for a LONG time.  It has apparently been solved by software updates a long time ago.  If not, then there was likely a hardware defect that should have been dealt with long ago.  If the owner has not kept up with software updates, or didn't get technical service when he had the chance, then that isn't a brand defect, it is a missed opportunity.

4) Key & Phone jack extensions are readily available for under $5 (US)  I Mic adapter/extension can be purchased or built for not a lot.  My own preference is that I like having my studio mic connected to the rear jack.  But I don't connect and disconnect it much.  I also have space behind my desk so that I can access things without moving the rig, rather than having it right up against the wall.

In any case, this community could have helped with suggestions for each one of these frustrations.  At this point, it is sad to see someone leave as an unsatisfied customer.  

I do not believe, however that community castigation will serve any purpose other than to feed a sense of "group think" arrogance.

Good luck, Ricky.  Enjoy your new rig.  I hope it fits your needs and operating style.

Ken - NM9P
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Roger, W6VZV

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I dunno.  This sounds like a troll to me.
Photo of Gary L. Robinson

Gary L. Robinson

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I don't have a problem that Ricky is happy.  I'm glad for him.  There is no one rig that suits everyone and everyone deserves to be happy.

My happiest days caused by ham radio - were getting and operating my Flex 6400, my Flex 6300, and my Flex 1500 .

But the bottom line is that not everyone has the same experience.

Lets all happy for everyone  :-)

---Gary WB8ROL