Ham Radio Entertainment Videos!

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I spent the afternoon searching Google for entertaining ham radio videos. The following videos are the ones I found worth posting here. 


Radio Hams, (1939) b/w
narrated. “A Pete Smith Specialty” film short. (Comment: At minute 3 in the
video “Teller, Alaska” is narrated. Teller, Alaska is a nostalgic memory for
me. I enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard in 1974 after I quit high school in the
last month of my senior year. I spent one year (1974-75) at the U.S. Coast
Guard LORAN Station Port Clarence, near the Bering Strait, North of Teller, Alaska. I got my G.E.D. from Teller
School.) I visited an Eskimo hunting camp from south of Port Clarence on one occasion.

RCA Presents “Radio at War” –
. b/w narrated.

. A history in pictures of the world's most famous maritime radio
station set to mike batt's 'portishead radio' song. More information at www.portisheadradio.co.uk

U.S. Army 1966 Presents International Morse Code.
“It wont mean a thing if you dont get that swing. Rhythm is the key. Morse Code
introduction. Note: Morse Code “pd” = period.



(No music) How to use Morse Code Keys
– Demonstration by 10 year old girl.
/ VA3LVF. Emilia giving small demonstration about how to use Morse Code Keys.
At the end of the video she explains how our Magnetic Loop Antenna is built.

Vadrum Speaks Morse
Code (Drum Video)
Another way to learn Morse Code.

Code Song
 A to Z set to music
without words.

Another Morse Code Song
(Learning Morse Code through musical flashcard style)



Radio Man

Ham Radio Menace

Ham Radio Hoarder

Shack Blues

Ham Radio Heaven

Q5 QRM - Ham Radio Song
(country music style)

Radio by Morning
  (parody, country

Ham Radio Song (white
guy rappin Ham Radio?)

On The Keyer - HAM Radio
Parody of "In the Ayer" (another white guy rappin.)

The Contest  

My Favorite Things About
Amateur Radio Field Day
(Christmas Song Paroday)

The Ham Band Video (OZ5E
club callsign of the station owned by Jan OZ1ADL, and Andrew OZ1XJ. The station
is located in central Denmark on Jan’s farm.) The Ham Band is Andrew
(G3WZZ/OZ1XJ/OZ5E), his wife Lissa and a group of Nashville session musicians.
All the songs are about amateur radio and the booklet which comes with the
"Seek You" CD tells the whole story of contests, dx-peditions,
antennas etc.

and Ham Radio

Little Dilbert and Ham Radio

Herman Munster and Ham Radio

73 or 5318008

Ham Radio & Velveeta

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Don Hamrick

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Posted 4 years ago

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Bob Craig, K8RC

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What does any of this have to do with Flex Signature Series radios or SmartSDR software?
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Don Hamrick

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It is all part of ham radio. Everyone needs to take a break and watch funny videos about ham radio so they don't take themselves too serious. Like you for example. Otherwise, they start griping at everyone who for the least little thing that does no harm to anyone or anything. Let us just keep enjoying ham radio. Okay? Thank you.
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Bob Craig, K8RC

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There are other forums more attuned to this sort of thing. eHam or QRZ, perhaps. Posts like this just fill email with trash. I was irritated by your original post but angry with your reply. Take your patronizing attitude and shove it up your mast.
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Don Hamrick

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Thanks Don, I enjoyed it and I hope you find more.
A little levity never hurt anyone.
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Don, you were certainly one busy guy to find and bookmark all these videos.   Now I'm going to have to spend hours looking at them....my interest is way up and band conditions at the moment are lacking.    Best 73, Jim
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Don Hamrick

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I was bored! I'm waiting for my VA pension to get direct deposited into my bank account tomorrow so I can purchase my FLEX 1500 accessories to get my radio on the air.

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