Great Work, Flex!

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Wow!  I am very impressed...Matt, as you know, my station was out of commission for quite a while.  Without Static IP, I could not operate my 6700 with my network likely R/T some unknown IP conflict, although even w/o the network, I had problems. (I'm a problem child!)  As the network is large, finding the offending device was not possible.  We have talked about this.  In the meantime, Smart SDR has been making leaps and bounds without my having been aware!  The panoramic display is now so clear that I can read/copy high-speed (high for me!!!) CW w/o listening, just looking at the waterfall.  This was possible long ago by looking at the wave-form, but not the waterfall!  Very impressive!  Clarity in audio has been improved greatly.  One might not be able to notice these changes so clearly if  you have been operating and upgrading all along.  However, since I was out of commission for quite a while, I can "see" and hear the difference right off.  DSP capabilities are significantly improved...not that they weren't great already!  Great job!  Thank you, Flex!  There is nothing comparable in the market.  This radio is commercial/lab grade.  There is great potential here for other uses of this device such as a lab-grade spectrum analyzer, etc., if someone would write the software.  I hope your market share only continues to increase!  de W3DCB  Daniel
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Posted 3 years ago

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I just did the upgrade myself. I'm a recent flex owner.

Regarding static IP, I just set it at the router via DHCP reservation. I do that for all of my fixed devices. Helps a lot with managing offending devices that may conflict and is less tedious than going to each device and manually assigning an IP. Plus I can save the config in case my router decides to crash or burn up. 

We have around 60 devices on the network at home, between computers, ham stuff, TVs and iThings.
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Instead of praising Flex, I am putting my money where my mouth is and ordering another 6500 for Christmas. Thank you, Flex. It must be great working for a company like yours.

Jim, K6QE

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Jim, go large!  Get a 6700 ;-)
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Me, too...Thinking of another as well.  Have to start saving again or may sell one of my other Rx's.  de W3DCB  Daniel