Global Hotkeys for common SmartSDR operations in FRStack

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Until global hotkeys is a configurable feature in SmartSDR you can utilize FRStack to provide this functionality.

FRStack 1.4.3 allows you to create global hotkeys to

  • Toggle the Radio's MOX and TUNE

  • Invoke the ATU function

  • Toggle the Lineout MUTE state and increase or decrease the Lineout Volume

  • Toggle the active Slice's NB, NR or ANF state.

This link that downloads FRStack!914&authkey=!AOBrxzxCvgXMTYw&ithint=file%2cexe

Original FRStack conversation

If you have suggestions on other hotkey actions to add, have suggestions or need support use the Help menu item's contact support action.

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Mark - W3II

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Posted 5 years ago

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Steve N4LQ

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Mark. How does this connect? I ran it and it doesn't find my 6500. Nothing in tells in the help file.
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Mark - W3II

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Make sure you have a firewall exclusion for frstack.exe
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Sorry - can't find any other place to ask questions on FRSTACK! I installed it a couple days ago - with a 6700. Set it up - seemed to work fine ... shut everything down - powered up today and now FRSTACK won't start! Nothing happens when I double click on the icon. I've tried going to its folder and clicking on the exe - still nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled - same thing. What gives?

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James Whiteway

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FRStack may not be updated to the latest version of SSDR's Flex library yet. You'll have to wait for the author to update it and get the new version.
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Mark - W3II

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FRStack 1.4.5 adds new hotkey actions including the new ATU Memory featured in SmartSDR 1.4.11
The link at the top of the post downloads the latest version.
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Larry - W8LLL

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My flex channel memories started acting up today where it would not change antennas like it has been, no matter what I tried. FRStack is the fix for me, it looks great and has many new features since I last used it, Mark thanks for your effort it is appreciated.

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Norm - W7CK

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Has there been any thought of possibly creating memory banks or band edges and being able to scan all of the memories in a bank or between two band edges?  I use this feature in my other rigs a lot.
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Art, N4PT

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I have a 6500 and 2 NIC cards. Sometimes I run the 6500 direct and FRstack never finds it. If I run the 6500 via the router I must disable the unused NIC card before FRstack will find the 6500.

Art N4PT
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Mark - W3II

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The radio location logic is a function of the FlexAPI SDK. I will be updating FRStack for the latest release of SmartSDR / FlexAPI in the near future. Please contact me using the information on so I can root cause your issue before the next release.