Gerald Youngblood, K5SDR awarded CMSARA High Cotton Award for Achievement in Amateur Radio

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Gerald Youngblood, K5SDR, was awarded the first CMSARA High Cotton Award for Achievement in Amateur Radio for his standard of excellence in innovation and leadership regarding the emergence of software-defined radio.

Past President Mike McKay N5DU added, “Gerald has achieved such imminent success as both an engineer and entrepreneur. He is the prototype of the amateur radio enthusiast that we had in mind several months ago when we acted to create the High Cotton Award. It will only be given on those occasions where the Board feels it is warranted and it not to be an annual thing.”

For additional information, please visit the CMSARA web site.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Congratulations Gerald (and other FRS team members) !

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Congrats to all involved.
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Congratulations to team Flex!!
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Congratulations,Gerald. Great product.
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Congratulations to Gerald and FRS.

The companion article " Oops! I Published Four Papers...and Accidentally Made a Company! " is a good read as well.

Again Congrats and 73

Steve K9ZW
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Most appropriate recognition! A proud moment for Gerald and the FlexRadio team.
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Congratulations Gerald!!  It's wonderful to see hard work and innovation being recognized and rewarded in such a positive way...
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Congratulations Gerald! 
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Congratulations Gerald,  and also the whole FRS Team behind you.
We are proud to be Flexers....
From the Kankakee Area Radio Society, Inc.    KARS

Ken   W9IE
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Couldn't be more fitting!  Congratulations to Gerald and all the Flex team.
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Congratulations!  Most well deserved.  
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Gerald Who? Congratulations Gerald and to the Flex team behind you!!
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Congratulations Gerald!  Well done.
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Congratulations, Gerald, from the other side of the pond. Hey, I'm the first one here!
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Congratulations Gerald! 
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Congratulations Gerald. As we say from the North of England, you must be "reet chuffed". Don't worry, it is not rude.
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For those that haven't seen Gerald's "Accidental Company" presentation, HRN 187 provided us with a sample.

Many of us have seen this. Anyone that hasn't should see it.

73, Jay - NO5J 
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Enhorabuena Gerald! 
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His achievement is not just technical, he really should get an award from the Better Business Bureau for customer service. Showing respect for the customer is his biggest asset
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Agreed.  I think Gerald and his crew know that deep-down most Flex-ers are good folks, even if we all have occasional "curmudgeon attacks!"  ha ha.  

He has a well developed ability to filter out the noise, focus upon the issue, and stay friends, or at least cordial, with all of us.  (Of course none of us knows what he mutters to himself on the other side of the keyboard!  Thank goodness!)

Indeed my experience with sales, technical service, repair service, and other departments for almost three years has been very positive.
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Well that is what I meant to say but I do not have your ability at prose. I love his accent, he exudes friendliness when I have seen him speak, yet he is not a pushover. Get rid of Trump, New blood from Youngblood for President!