Gave 2.4.9 a second try but it failed

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I gave 2.4.9 a second try but no good.

Running 6700 with Windows 8.1

Monitoring very strong CW using 2.3.9 and the meter is hitting +20  Monitoring exact same signals after upgrade to 2.4.9 and the meter barely gets above S3. This is the same regardless of band. After downgrading back to 2.3.9 the same signals are back to +20

I've played around with all the combinations of RX Gain and AGC but no good. The signals are almost muted. Even with the gain at max the signals can barely be heard.

I've asked this twice already without any response  but will ask a third time: Are new releases only tested on Windows 10 or are they tested for each version of Windows that SSDR can run on?

Looks like I'll have to sit this one out and hope that the next release is better.

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Posted 5 months ago

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I wished I could help you but Win 8.1 is a rather old version and I don't know anyone using it.
Give Win 10 a chance and perhaps you may not be that disappointed. 
I am not a computer expert (geck) just an average user.
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Well, with all the horror stories about what Windows 10 updates do to SSDR I think I'll pass for now.
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Pat, call Flex and tell them what you're getting w/ 2.4.9. Maybe they can give you an answer as they are not on here as much lately.
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Did you power off your radio  and then reload your profiles after the upgrade to insure the rx antenna selection and maybe preamp settings are correct as before?   I had not run into this one before using Win 7 or Win 10.   Do not have Win 8 to try.
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I am using 6500 and Windows 8.1. no problems with 2.4.9
de Doug G4OVR
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I am running Windows 8.1 no problems with 2.4.9.
Terry K7NY
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Yes I did the full power cycle and checked the settings. All settings were the same as before the upgrade.

This is the second try and the results are the same. The upgrade reduces the receiver performance to the point that it is almost unusable.  Maybe it's just my computer but that doesn't change things.

I'll wait for the next release. 2.3.9 works great for me and I'm not in any hurry for colored meters.

No point in a help desk ticket as I'm sure they're not going to change  SSDR to fix a bug for an older version of Windows.

I would like to know if FRS is still supporting SSDR for older versions of Windows or just current versions of Windows. 
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I am not sure, but the latest virsion works very well on Win 7
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I am running 2.4.9 on Windows 10 at home with both local and remote station.

At remote site I am running SmartSDR 2.4.9 on a Windows 7 PC with Core 2 Duo CPU and 4 GB ram. Works fine. No degradation of signals vs 2.3.9. (Just upgraded it this past Thursday).

Are you running any third party software in addition to SmartSDR?

At this point open a Help Desk ticket for fastest response from Flex. 

Dave wo2x
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The issue is present when I start up SSDR even before I start WSJT-X or Slice Master. It doesn't change if I run something else or not.

As I said I'm not bothering with a ticket because I'm using 8.1 and I seriously doubt they're going to change SSDR for a bug that occurs in anything prior to Windows 10.

I am still trying to determine if new releases are tested with just Windows 10. If that's the case then ops using older versions of Windows need to be informed.
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Seems to be a signal loss somewhere in DAX.
Did you try another PC? My main notebook runs on Win7/64bit, but I try each new
SSDR version (having completely removed the old one) on a Win10 notebook also.
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My PC is fine. I have many different packages running on it without any issues. The 2.3.9 works fine on it. The issue only arises when I upgrade to 2.4.9

As I said, I'll sit this one out and wait for the next release
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Weird that no one else running older versions of Windows are having any issues.
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Also I think Flex is a little less likely to respond to Community threads, than they are to Help Desk Support tickets lately. Help Desk Tickets get read and responded to.

    #FlexRadio IRC chat

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User created documentation.

         73, Jay - NO5J

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Some ideas you may want to consider. PC’s can seem to be running fine, but actually can be doing harm to an applications. What can cause this, it’s the Registry! The registry maintains most of the configurations in the computer and the applications that you run. This may vary depending on the SW author, but for the most part lots of errors can be found in the registry. So maintaining a clean registry is very important to healthy operation of a Windows based computer. What I do now is the following procedure. Uninstall the older SW, using a good uninstall utility. Then I run a Registry utility that corrects or eliminates left over garbage. Then install the new version SW following the recommended procedures. This has made my life much better. A healthy Registry makes for a happy