Furture Upgrades?

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Hearing a few things about future upgrades. Am I correct that FRS will charge a fee to upgrade SSDR beginning with SSDR ver. 2.xxxxxx. Please let me know. If so my 6300 and Maestro will be for sell. I thought that was one of the selling points of the Flex radio was free future upgrades.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Let's all relax, folks.

This issues keeps being raised because new users are continually joining the group and haven't had the benefit of the past four years of discussion about these and other issues.  I think a little grace is required here.  (As a pastor, If I rolled my eyes and puked-forth every time someone new walked into the church and didn't understand everything we did, or had been misinformed by a friend down the street, I would quickly have a dead church and be out of a job.)

I think that sometimes we who are long-time members of the Community can forget how far we have progressed on the learning curve.  Some of the questions may be repetitive and even tedious, but only to those of us who have slogged through the long-term development of the "Flex-Ecosystem."  For new users, these are legitimate questions.  

What is required is a brief, courteous answer.  What is not needed is for the whole group to argue the issue all over again, or to denigrate a new user for asking the answer to a question that we watched evolve over the past three or four years.  Given a little grace, they will learn.  Given "un-grace" they will gravitate to another product....

Ken - NM9P
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THANK YOU, Ken ! Part of the fun of owning a particular brand and radio model is discussing it's (and the company's) pros & cons and second guessing what's next. Although I've been registered here a while I've only made a couple comments prior to today. Many of the snide and caustic replies would make a thinner skinned person reluctant to post again. I felt my comments were of a speculative and hopeful nature and not mean-spirited in the least. I might note there is a FaceBook Flex owners page where people seem to be helpful and friendly although when stumped often send a person here. Flex owners are a diverse group- We are not all super computer geeks or super rich elitists. What we have in common is we appreciate new and alternative technologies, high performance and American made products from a solid and responsive manufacturer. It's funny, I thought the Icom Yahoo was full of fanboys. Yes, the 7300 does power spike but they will jump on you if you suggest it, Then a half dozen hams privately email you saying they have the same experience but are afraid to say it on the reflector. Ask me how I know this !  I'd hate to see this group spoiled by a few cranks. We're all in this together kids. Your analogy to a new person in your church is a good one and I thank you for bring calm to the discussion and group.

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