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I've been running FT8 on my 6300 for 6 months and it was working well until recently when I added a second monitor to my computer and moved a few things around on the desk. I did not change any other connections on the computer or radio. I also recently upgraded to the latest version (v1.9.1 r8747). Now I find that FT8 randomly stops when WSJT commands the radio transmit. For instance I can call CQ on FT8 and it works fine for a random number of RX/TX cycles then won't transmit when it should. FT8 is not timing out... it has happened after just a couple of RX/TX CQ cycles, or it can happen after 8 cycles, or it may not stop at all. When it happens I don't hear the relay in the radio switchover to TX while WSJT thinks the radio IS transmitting. I looked at the CAT settings and nothing changed. To resolve it I have to shut down WSJT by going into the Windows 7 task manager to kill the instance of WSJT, then restart it and repeat the cycle. If I just shut down WSJT normally (hit X at the top right)  it still stays resident (Task still running) and if I try to restart it then I get the dialog message stating that another instance is running. I have to go into Task manager and end the process. The computer is a Lenovo Thinkcentre i5 running Windows 7 Professional.  Any thoughts or suggestions ?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Thanks Jim. I'm using a Windows 7 laptop
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Hi I recently had very similar issues with the wsjt-x when it suddenly stopped transmitting. I also had some cat errors when trying to change frequency. I'm not sure if you all have looked at your dax drivers.
I had noticed that there was a recent windows upgrade. My dax drivers looked like this

This is the way it is supposed to look. After much uninstalling and manual removal and installation of DAX files I got it to look like this and my issues went away

By the way the first pic wa after I had removed a bunch of ghosted and other DAX drivers. They are supposed to look like the correct list and be in the same order. If some have gone to a new computer and installed Smart DSR this could give you a fresh set of correct drivers.
73 ray
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I have an odd situation. I had no problems with setting up my 6300 on FT8. Using DAX and Slice-Master. I want to use my iPad, so I set up Parallels Access. It was fine for one evening and then it stopped transmitting only with the iPad. On the computer itself, it works very well. I noted that the PTT is triggered, but there is no audio. Any ideas?

Interesting, I changed to JUMP desktop and it works fine. Parallels runs the apps through their software; Jump is a mirror