FT5WQ - in 6 easy tries!

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I simply cannot say enough about the flex and working DX...

I have a modest station.  I have an 80m loop up about 40 to 50 feet in a strange triangle pattern.  I recently got an SPE 2K-FA so I have a little power.  But I basically expect to be the one that struggles with DX when pitted against the Stepper IRs on 200 foot towers!

Tonight on 40m at 7.023 was FT5WQ down on Crozet Island.  I didn't even have a clue this place existed or that there was a ham station down there!

But the flex makes this easy.  First I can see the pile up.  It is so obvious.  So I go to DX spots and check and sure enough there is FT5WQ on 7.023 and he is calling UP.  So I look up.  There are LOTS of stations.  But zooming in I can see a nice empty spot so I move my XIT to that spot.

6 calls later and he came back to me.  It was a great feeling considering how simple my setup is!

I'm sorry knob guys but there is just nothing that beats having a pan adapter.  Now I realize lots of the knob radios are getting them but I just don't think they have the flexibility the flex has to zoom in and see where to go.

This was a classic case of David and Goliath where I'm David and the other stations in the pileup are all most likely Goliaths with their massive beams and kilowatts of power.  Granted I had 2kw behind my little loop but it was enough to break through!

Anyway sorry to take up bandwidth but I just can't get over how easy the flex makes this!

Mark - WS7M
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Mark - WS7M

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Posted 2 years ago

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Michael Aust

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 Will never go back to a Blind, non-panadapter radio again also !
   Flex is the way to go ! 
73 Mike
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Is he not/MM?