FRStack 1.6.9 for SmartSDR 1.6 and adds a Global Profile Launch Program feature

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FRStack 1.6.9 Updates and Additions:

Global Profile Launch Program feature
This feature allows you to configure one or more programs to launch when the radio's Global Profile has been changed. You start by creating a SmartSDR global profile (eg. for digital) then configure FRStack to launch FLDIGI for that profile. Then when this profile is selected from SmartSDR or FRStack, FLDIGI will launch. When you select another profile or close FRStack, FLDIGI will be (optionally) closed.

Mute All Slices Menu item and Hotkey feature

Link to the download page for FRStack

Note: Make sure you are running SmartSDR 1.6 before upgrading to FRStack 1.6.

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Global Hotkeys for common SmartSDR operations in FRStack

Memories and Most Recently Used Frequency Utility
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Mark - W3II

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Posted 4 years ago

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Photo of EA4GLI - 8P9EH - Salvador

EA4GLI - 8P9EH - Salvador

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what a smart addition. Thanks for the update!
Photo of Mark - W3II

Mark - W3II

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Thank you for the positive feedback. I receive feedback and ideas from many Flex operators which I greatly appreciate. This particular feature resulted from a collaboration between myself, Sergey R5AU and a few friends.
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Jay / NO5J

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Great Work Mark! 
Thanks Much!

73, Jay - NO5J
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Alex - DH2ID, Elmer

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Thanks for the update and the new features!
The only additional program I use all the time.
73, Alex - DH2ID
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EA4GLI - 8P9EH - Salvador

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Would it be possible to add the Version number to the FRStack setup file? I like to keep copies of previous versions and it will be convenient if the file I download has the version in the name so it will not save over the previous version. I do this manually, but I thought it would be nice to have.
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Mark, thanks for a fantastic app.
Photo of Walt


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Simply fabulous !    

Thank You - Thank You
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Michael Henry

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Tried to download but get a virus warning from AVAST.  I was able to download the 1.5 version without any alerts.  Tried to update from the there is a new version prompt but it never starts.
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Mark - W3II

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This is most likely a false positive or an issue on your machine. 
Run Security Essentials or Try downloading and running Microsofts Security Scanner

I rebuilt the setup with an updated version of the INNO Setup compiler to hopefully get rid of any false positive you are seeing most likely on unins000.exe. I did NOT find any virus or issues with the prior setup.

If you ever have any trouble uninstalling FRStack you can just delete the FRStack folder in the C:\Windows\Program Files (x86) directory.

I received notice from Microsoft Malware Protection Center that they have adjusted their definition library to no longer falsely identify INNO setup uninstaller as infected.
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Michael Henry

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The infection that Avast is complaingin about is the Drep virus.
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Norm - W7CK

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Thank you very very much Mark.  I have been using FRStack for quite a while now and love all of the additional functionality it provides.
Photo of Michael Henry

Michael Henry

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Thank you Mark, that worked wonderfully.  I appreciate your quick effort. And am happy to report that this program is working properly.  Thanks again for the effort you put into this.
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Dan -- KC4GO

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Thanks Mark, I used FRStack daily, what a great resource for my shack.

Dan -- KC4GO
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Rob Monsipapa

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Will this work on the 6600M?
Photo of Larry - W8LLL

Larry - W8LLL

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works with all 6000 series.
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Hi Mark
Thanks for developing this program. I like to also SWL and this has really helped the F-6.5k for this and the ham bands. The s/w always installs w/o a flaw or problem. That is most impressive!