Frequency Display "trimmed"

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Flex 6300, Win 8.1, Ver 1.38

The top ten percent of my flag frequency display is cut off. Didn't notice this in ver 1.3. Perhaps some setting?

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Alan W4FBI

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Posted 6 years ago

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Steve N4LQ

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Yes I also see an overlap.
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Nice catch.
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Ned K1NJ

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     I see it on a win 8.1 machine but not on a win 7 machine.  Of course these machines
also have different video cards.  Interesting.

Ned,  K1NJ
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Dale KB5VE

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Go to resolution screen see if you have it at 125%
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Ernest - W4EG

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Dale you sent him to the right place... it looks it is set high; causing the overlap.

You are the winner of the day! 

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Alan W4FBI

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Dale, Yes I have it on 125% (medium). I put back to 100% (small). This cured the problem! However, I don't recalled changing that resolution when moving from ver 1.3 to tver 1.38. I'm thinking it was OK using 125% on ver 1.3. Thank you for your input.
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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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I have added this report to our bug tracker to see if there is something we can do to make the GUI DPI agnostic.
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Martin Smith

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Hi Tim,
This looks like a less serious version of the problem i have reported.
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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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It is the windows DPI scaling interaction that is causing this. We don't have a fix for this just yet. but changing the DPI scaling may help as Jay points out below.
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Stu McLoughlin

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Any update on this yet? I have the same issue?
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Jay / NO5J

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I Windows 8.1 only, There are two controls for changing the size of objects  in the monitor. I have old eyes and 1920x1080 is a bit on the small side, I was also seeing the Frequency readout clipped then i found the other windows 8.1 control. It can enlarge without clipping at 100,125, and 150% It may not behave the same with all display card and monitors but it works for my stuff. To get to this control you ...  Right the desktop and choose "Screen Resolution" near the bottom of the menu.

then click the highlighted line below.


I used to see this ...

when you uncheck the highlighted checkbox it changes the window to this...

Position 1=@100%
Position 2=@125%
Position 3=@150%

I don't know why not "choosing one scaling level for all my displays" makes a difference. but it does the Frequency Flag doesn't clip. 

It definately gets chopped at 125% if I use the other control panel form, It's only a slight difference but it is different.

This way it acts like it increases the size of both the font and the box the font is in in proportion. Everything gets bigger, all the controls in SmartSDR grow, it makes it easier for me to single click the slider gutters to the left/right of the slider buttons to decrement/increment by 1. still cant see the gutter but its easier to hit it because it's bigger too.

Hope it works like this for others, and hope it helps.