for those that look IC-7610

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Hi for those that look for IC-7610 instead on wait for it 6400 or 6600 and was familiar whit flex 

just got my today and that some quick observation ,mostly oriented for Remote EME operation 

1-) transverter offset  is limited to 99mhz max  ????
2-) on 20m  whit no pre-amp and IP+ on   ADC overflow  (allot )  an no contest today !
3-) RS-BA1 work like a charm whit no PC , BUT NO BANSCOPE ! 
      bandscope need 115,200 bps CAT connection , but 7610 limited to 19200
4-) RS-BA1 Handel only 1 "slice"
5-) XVRT output level is un-documented , i measure 
     from -17.3 to -2.5 dbm @ 3.55mhz
     from -18.1 to -3 dbm @ 28mhz
     from -21.4 to -4.12 dbm @ 50mhz
     so look unleveled , but clean
6-) i notice some leakage from ANT1 or 2 to XVRT port 
     so if you do EME on 144 you may pick some 28mhz CW that leak from HF antenna   

actually have better result whit 7300 ,whit improvised Transveter by tap before pre-driver transistor    

1 ,3 ,4  will likely fix on future software update ,but whit luck new 6x000
will be ship before ;-) 

 so now i hope my SunSDR ( in the mail) is a better candidate 

Marc L.  VE2PN
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Posted 2 years ago

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This isn't a zero sum game, folks. You don't have to attack the 7610 in order to bolster the 6x00... Let the 6x00 stand on its own merits.
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I do not see this as an attack per se, but a review of a radio's pros and cons.  As I am sure others will do when the 6400 and 6600s are available.
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Hi Jerry. I just see the information as a good reference. Kind of like buying a car. I have the IC-7610 also. Going on 3 weeks now. If it was my first radio I would know no difference. But I have a fleet of 20 radios in the shack, everyone produced for the past 15 years. All the Big ICOMs. And the other companies. The 7610 is a nice radio, but don't see any major improvements at least to my ears over past models. Its a keeper and I won't sell it.  I'll buy the new Flex next year when they begin shipping from stock. Until then I continue to enjoy my Maestro and 6300. Happy New Year!
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You'll have to let us know how the 7610 compares to the 6800 (when it comes out.)  
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not worry will test it for sure ;-) 

first thing i do it put on freezer
my "ex" 6700 not work under 0 deg  ok that out of flex temp operating range
but for now ICOM ,Elecraft , SUNSDR ,yaesu  work even - 20 and all is rated to 0 like flex   ,actually i look all chip inside flex and it all rate to -40 + 85  so normally it must work  , like all electronic after all ,have make -20 all the week and still not return yet to stone age ;-)

and i never said 7610 is not a nice radio , but as remote only radio 7300 is better  investment   ,that limitation of RS-BA1  not 7610  ,but icom not tell it ;-)
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We used to find the #1 culprit when our Mil-Spec radios would fail under temp (-55 to +65 C) was an ESD failure. Usually the radio appears to operate normally at room temperature but failed when stressed by temp. The individual parts were mil-spec but improper handling would be the root cause and you would never know until it hit the temperature chamber.