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Despite the issues with the heat sinks of the new Flex Signature Series and in my particular case with my Flex 6600 that I discover one of the heat sinks had fell down and the other was at angle still over the chip but ready to fell.

I take my hat off, owned before other well known top brands, that all hardware and software at some point it will fail, but the response and attitude you get back from the company makes the BIG difference and in this case FlexRadio responded like the leader in the industry it is.

This past Tuesday (May 29th) I got an email saying that my heat sinks option replacement for my Flex will be sent to me, and today, yes today Thursday May 21st) I received it and I receive it here in my house in Guatemala !

FlexRadio THANK YOU very much !

Now the part two of the process to replace those heat sinks on the ADCs, but the initial temporary fixed I did with a tie wrap did worked perfect, so this new replacement should do the same, I sure will keep you posted.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Good to know and thanks for the update. If you're confident in the tie wraps, might consider waiting on the repair until it's time to clean the fans. So far I am happy with my Flex as well and even added a link to the Flex website on my QRZ page. The Flex radio has put me over the 70k qso mark and I am looking forward to hitting 100k and beyond with it.
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As Tim mentioned, if for any reason if the old heat sinks are hard to remove, just leave them in place tied up so they can't fall off and complete the update with your new heat sinks.
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that is exactly what I plan to do! if secured two better than one and I am a remote site, so service trips are only 85 miles one way but take time.
The FIX plan, execution of parts delivery or return offer for repairs, and note from Gerald was over the top as Juan noted. and really the community support is great as well.  I hope to help where I can.
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I totally agree.. I remember when Yaesu had a big issue with the FT-2000, RF would get into the Pre-Amp circuit that was not shielded correctly and blank the receiver.. For months and months many upset owners would call in about the problem and Yaesu would never admit to a flaw in the radio it was always the end users fault.. It took over a year for them to admit there was a production defect.. I understand now some Icom 7610 customers are having a similar Heat-Sink issue with theirs falling off also, with no info going out to the masses that purchased those rigs in the last 6-months..

 I commend Flex for coming up with the PEN announcement and letting us know about an issue up front.. Honesty is the best Policy .... I haven't found a perfect manufacture yet and I don't think there will ever be one.
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I received my heat sink kit on Tuesday before the email from Tim.  Took about 30 mins to replace.  Both of the old ones were about to fall off, I leave the radio on 24/7.  Thanks Flex for the great customer service once again!