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Waiting for my 6400 to arrive! Cant wait!   While researching (extensively) before I purchased a flex, I couldn't help but notice that the Flex community seems to be very loyal to Flex and are always very supportive of each other along their journey.  Honestly, I think this is half the reason I went with flex because of the excitement around the company and its products.  Ive seen alot of blogs where people were ripping on Flex users calling them appliance operators ... blah blah blah... I think they just hate innovation!
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Posted 1 year ago

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I feel the same as you Dave.
A FlexRadio loyal follower since early 2000.
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You're going to love it. Flex manufactures a solid product, has great customer support, and a loyal following. Most of the issues I see with the Flex 6000 series is not the fault of the Flex but rather the PC system it is connected to. Whenever you think your Flex is at fault, connect another PC to it such as a laptop. Most times the issue disappears.

I'm very excited for you. When I purchased an Icom Pro2 back in 2004 I was blown away with the band scope, what an advantage that was!!! Flex and SSDR have made that band scope obsolete.
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Supportive community,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes. Appliance operators, hardly. While less fiddling is needed to operate a Flex, compared to an Anan SDR radio, it still requires putting some thought into setting up and getting the most use out of a Flex radio.  The M model radios probably come closest to Plug and Play similar to a traditional HF radio. But, the "Flex ability" (pun intended) of the 6000 Series allows for so much more. The 6000 Series radios are top notch in my book, hardware wise. Once some basic things in SSDR are addressed, that too will make for a top tier radio system. The 6400 is a fine radio. It really won't be that difficult to set up and get going. More so, if you are comfortable using a PC as an interface to your radio.

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Ive used Anan and Elad, they are both great platforms, however there is a bit of "fiddling" to get things to work the way you want it. Im excited.  Im getting the "M" version so hopefully that will cure my need for knobs lol.. Im pretty much selling most of my radios and going Flex.   Cant wait!
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hi Dave

i have the 6600M...love the radio...it just works
when i want to hook up to the computer can do that too

i do a bit of pedestrian mobil with my iphone while walking the dog,
avid DX chaser here..just two shy of HR ..
have used my ipad on cw to chase ATNO's.
soooo many ways to use the flexradios...

welcome to the pack....bark woof woof