FlexRadio 6700 puts W1AW/6 on the map for California

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In the mail today was this plaque from ARRL for my participation in the Centennial celebrations of putting W1AW on the air from every one of the 50 states and for a special W1AW WAS award.

I had a blast putting W1AW/6 on the air for a couple of slots on 10m and 15m last year.  The pile ups were fun and lots of great QSOs with folks both domestically and Internationally.

I hadn't expected anything and this nice plaque with the two Centennial coins is now sitting proudly on my desk here in the office/shack.

Thanks to ARRL and to all the folks who worked & operated W1AW during the events last year.

The Flex 6700 did W1AW proud!  Did any other Flex owners participate in the W1AW activations?

Stu K6TU
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Stu Phillips - K6TU, Elmer

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  • grateful!

Posted 5 years ago

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Duane, AC5AA

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Congrats, Stan!  I went to Hartford for the Centennial last year, and worked a number of the W1AW/# stations for the fun of it.  All with the aid of my 6500 and FlexControl!
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Jim Gilliam

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I know you are not in line to win the Ham Curmudgeon of the Year Award at Dayton this year but you clearly are trying to build up a lead for next year's award
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They may abandon the award as the winner would be a given, knowing that nobody else could come close.
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ha !
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Mark Erbaugh

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The W1AW portable operations and the Centennial QSO party were a lot of fun for me and really pumped up my on air activity in 2014. I only got my 6300 in October, but I did make most of the contacts after that with it.  As I was reviewing my log, I realize that my first and next to last (at 2356 12/31) were with ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN.
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Ken - NM9P

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I had the pleasure of running about five shifts on 40 SSB each round, and a shift or two on 17 SSB the second round. The 6500 performed well under the biggest pile ups I have ever run.
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Very nice Stu and thanks again for the Thread on the Pixel Loop.
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T.H. Bauer

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Congrats, Stu! Always a pleasure to work you on the bands.
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KM6CQ - Dan

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I went and worked the Comstock Memorial Station W7RN. It was great. Everyone there had a wonderful time.


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I do not want to be the last to congratulate you for the Centennial participation.  

I took part in it and place rather high with the number of points and looking forward to receive my award.

And like you, I did it my way  ...  on my F6.7K too.
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Steve W6SDM

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Good deal Stu.  I got a chance to be W1AW/7 for a while from our club station, a Flex 5000.  It is quite an honor to use Hiram's call sign.
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Dale KB5VE

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Stu did ARRL charge for the plaque. I was telling a friend and he said you had to pay?
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Stu Phillips - K6TU, Elmer

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There was no charge - it just showed up in the USPS with a nice note.
Stu K6TU
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Ken - NM9P

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The ARRL is apparently still mailing them.
I just got this in the mail.
It was a lot of fun participating in this event, both as a "fox" and as a "hound!"

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Congratulations Ken.