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Hi all,

As many of you are aware the frequency of updates to FlexLogger has slowed way down.  I apologize but work life got in the way.

I'd like to ask those of you using FlexLogger to email me your current bugs, irritations so I can make another round of fixes along with the rename release.

Please email to:   ws7m@arrl.net

Here are the things that so far will be in V0.1.0.6:
  • Rename hopefully to SmartLog
  • Support for multiFLEX
  • String culture conversions - I hope this makes it possible for people with alternate number formats to use FlexLogger without having to change to the US number format.
  • Spot lists have a keep alive timer which I hope keeps the connection from going stale
  • Smartlink login (Not 100% sure this will make it but I am trying)
  • A general purpose station lookup panel is now in.  Just allows you to lookup a station and if you decide to work that station you can apply it to the log entry window
  • Scripts now offer TCP/UDP connections.  This made it possible to send log data to DxKeeper
  • Contest editor and panel.  I am building in a full featured contest editor that allows you to define all the details about a contest including dupe checking and scoring.  There will be a contest panel that supports both S&P and Run modes.  I expect this to be an evolving feature.  I do plan to add full contest recording but unlikely I will get that into the next release.
  • Some minor updates to the CW panel particularly in the send features involving timing.
  • I also began work on a very simple CW decoder.  It is unlikely this will be operational in the next release but there may be a preview.
There are some things I attempted but failed at (so far)
  • eQSL uploads.  I will continue to work on this when I have the time however this is one poorly supported service.  They have a developer page with examples on how to send however even their examples fail to work when coded exactly as shown.  Sending help to eQSL gets the response:  "You will receive no help on this issue here.  Try posting to the Yahoo forum".   My first post to Yahoo didn't even show up.
  • Map form.   The map form is currently very inaccurate. I am personally glad I am not a cartographer as this stuff is pretty messy to get accurate results.  I will continue to work on this feature but for now it is unfinished and can only serve as a rough guide.

Here are my future plans with the logger:

  • Full help, setup, and use documentation
  • Much improved grid, territory, DXCC call related data
  • With the improved data, better spot and WSJT filtering
  • JTAlert like features for all modes based on spots
  • Award tracking
  • Working maps
  • More device support (Green Heron, W2 wattmeter, SPE 1KFA, etc)
  • TCP port for remote queries and logger command/control
  • Freeform database query page
  • Multi-instance support - Multiple FlexLoggers working together.  
  • Messaging between instances of FlexLogger
  • Ability to post that you are on the air and where (self spot so to speak)
  • CW (and other) decoders built in
Lastly, those features and improvements called for by the users.

Again, I want to make it clear that FlexLogger source is available if you are interested.   Once you obtain the source and modify it for your own uses you are on your own.  

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Posted 1 year ago

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Quite a list there Mark. Speaking of contesting I just did CQ160SSB with just under 600 contacts. Importing from N1MM was basic but, would love a feature to automatically lookup and populate data, grid, longs, lats, distance etc. I spent a long time clicking LOOKUP for each contact. Then had to scroll to next page, click as many LOOKUP buttons usually 10, before it would automatically scroll back to the top of the log. I know there is in place a script that can be run. Perhaps a little help with a basic script so I can reverse engineer and make it do what I want.

One issue I came across when importing to another log program is the exchange info, for this contest it was state or zone. The other program overwrote whatever the lookup state with the state entered during the contest thus loosing that actual exchange. Perhaps have an option to choose source field of the import file and destination field, with choice to append or overwrite. Just a thought. 
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Good ideas Mike.  Will add to the list.

ADIF defined a sent/recv exchange field and it is my understanding from the docs we can write into that whatever we desire.  This is good and bad in that there is no standard and all contests are different.

While not many people use it, the ADIF input in FlexLogger has the ability to process each import through a script.  This allows almost unlimited power to convert fields, perform lookups, etc.  But... It comes at the price of having to know a little programming to make it work.

I do plan to add to the database admin window an ability to do much of what you want.   There will be a general purpose tab that will allow you to first select a group a records then do various things to that group of records.  One thing would be lookups.  Another would be a bulk replace of a field with some typed in data. etc.
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Hi Mark,
In my previous life it did some "Off the side of the desk" development and I know how things get side tracked.
Please keep up the great work and I look forward to your next release.
Cheers from Canada,

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Just an update.  FRS has requested that we do not include smart in the name.   One of the popular choices was  FRLogger and I think that is what we will go with.

Time now to register your objections if you have them!
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Honestly, I'd just go with WS7Mlogger and call it a day.
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Brent, VA7BNB

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It is your SW Mark, you get the final say. So you TELL us it is FRLogger.
my humble $0.02 CAD worth

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Can you say, FRLogger!! I can, works, and FRhadn't better cry on that one...no offense Flex but you are nit-pickin. I'd think you'd be proud to put some sort of Flex reference to a work like the one Mark has produced for the community of SSDR based Flex Owners, but I digress, The FRLogger is the way to go, again, for me.
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I still like "Logger6" or "Logger6k" - I don't think there is a trademark on the number 6 :-)
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My vote is for WS7MLogger 
Thanks for all you have done to bring this Flex users!