Flexing away with multi flavors Flexible remote operation

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I started operating my Flex 6700 radio remotely back in April locally in Kuwait, during the months of May, June, July and August I have operated from more than 8000 miles away from my home QTH in California, Nevada, Ohio and New York all the way down to the east coast of Australia.

I have logged hundreds of QSOs from 6 to 20 meters most hams contacted did not know that I was operating remote, which has really made me a proud owner of the best radio in the market. My Flex 6700 has allowed  me to enjoy my ham radio hobby with no limitations wherever I might be and whenever I please.

The setup of my Flex 6700 for “Flexible” remote operation was done using either CommCat mobile, Skype or Parallel Access by switching only Slice A DAX channels that were assigned to any of these programs.

To do that, different DAX channels had to be assigned separately and activated in the DAX control panel, one for  each of the above mentioned programs in order to keep the same frequency and band information that are needed and used by other third party programs such as loggers, DDutil and Omnirig ...etc. whenever there is a need to switch for example from Skype to CommCat or Access.

Each of these programs must also be configured for the respective DAX TX/RX channels, for example CommCat DAX1, Skype DAX 2 and Parallels Access DAX3, now when Slice A DAX 2 is selected take a look at the DAX control panel, you will see that Slice A moves to DAX2 and if DAX3 is selected in Slice A, it will move to DAX3 line in the DAX control panel.

I have found that Parallels Access is the most convenient to use for remote operation.  Its GUI gives full operation of each of the programs that is running on my home radio station PC to control any of the equipment that is in the shack.  After using Parallels Access I found little use of Teamviewer for remote operation.

I have found that there is always a need sometimes depending on the internet connection, bandwidth and latency to switch to Skype, it performs better in certain conditions, the same goes for CommCat which has its own VoIP codec and versatile functionality as well.

It is awesome being able to communicate to a station 8000 miles away from your station and yet it is within less than 30 minutes driving distance away from you.

Check my page at qrz.com/9k2wa.

Ali Alwazzan – 9K2WA

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Ali - 9K2WA

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Posted 4 years ago

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Great to see that you enjoy your Flex like I do.

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KY6LA - Howard, Elmer

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Ali. I would love to work u remote 6700 iPad to 6700 iPad. Currently mobile in Northern California.
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Ali - 9K2WA

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 Hello Tom;

I still have more than two weeks left before I go back home, just give me a call, it would be a pleasure to work you remote from my iPad.
You can find my QRV frequency in my QRZ page.
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Ken - NM9P, Elmer

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I haven't been able to work you yet, but I have heard you.
I have been able to work 9K2GS on 20 and heard him on 40 as well.  
I will look for you on the bands.  

Ken - NM9P
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Ali - 9K2WA

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Thanks Ken;

I do join 9K2GS net most of the time on 20, me & Abdulla started more than 35 years ago.
When I am back home I will also be operating 40 and 80 as well, I have received my remotely controllable switch boxes today, which will allow me to witch between my antennas, when I away.
Hope to connect with you soon Ken.
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Dave - WB5NHL

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I also have heard you when you were in Australia. I could not believe you were remote. Your audio sounded like you were sitting in front of the 6700. Congratulations.
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Ali - 9K2WA

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Thanks Dave;

I am sure it will only get better and more versatile,  as I said before the only setback sometime is the internet connection.