Flexcontrol by K6TD NOT WORKING on windows 8.1 and SmartSDRv1.3.8

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Hi, i have FlexRadio 6500 and installed the software in windows 7 from about 10 months updated to the latest version SmartSDR1.3.8 
Everything works fine.

Now I installed on a new PC with processor IC7 Motherboard Asus Z97K,
but running Wondows 8.1,  the same version SmartSDR1.3.8. 

The program also works with SDR-Bridge, but was not able to run the Flexcontrol (by K6TD / K6TU).

I tried to add more than one USB port, but the result was that only in one case the FlexControl came on and appeared a red dashed line in the slice,

the frequency on the slice marked remained the same even if the yellow cursor adjacent
the dotted red line moving depending on my movement on the wheel of FlexControl.

So, again turning the wheel FlexControl the freq ranged,
but the numbers of freq. indicated in the slice, remained the same.

There 'to say that out of twenty up and shutdow PC, the FlexControl is kindled only twice
and still not being recognized properly.

This comes after trying several times to turn on and off the cable usb FlexControl
in available USB port on new PC with Windows 8.1

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program and running it as administrator,
 but always the same, the FlexControl is not recognized on my PC with Windows 8.1

Someone has managed to run the FlexControl of K6TD / K6TU ON PC WITH WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM 8.1?
Please any Help.
Thanks in advance
Alex ik5pwj.
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Alex - IK5PWJ

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Posted 5 years ago

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SDR 1.3.8 has some bugs as we all know.  I would go back to 1.3.0 and see if the problem is still there.  If not then you know this should get fixed in 1.4.  Personally I think Windows 8.1 is crap let alone windows in general is crap.  Just my personal opinion after working in the industry for over 25 years.  I wish they would code this for Apple OSX
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Official Response
Alex- you have two issues.

1.) The the FlexControl is com port is conflicting with an existing virtual com port.  You need to change it to a very high number. http://helpdesk.flexradio.com/hc/en-us/articles/202479329-How-to-Change-the-Com-Port-Assignment-for-...
Once you do it, if you plug it into a different USB port, you will most likely have to do the port change again using a different high com port number

2.) When it is working (no com port conflict) you have the knob assigned to changing RIT (is the LED under AUX1 illuminated?), not the slice frequency.  Push the knob down once to reassign it to changing the slice frequency.
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Sometimes, you need to shut down the computer and restart it.  This has worked for me running Win 7-64.  Now the FlexControl comes on every time.

Tim's suggestions are, of course, excellent.

VY 73,
Bill, N5TU
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Hi Tim, thanks very much.
I connected the Flexcontrol for as I have indicated, and the light came on .... hi
Exactly I followed your instructions and now it works perfectly with Windows 8.1

Thank also to you Bill N5TU for msg.

I have not tried to put the FlexControl on the PC with Windows 7 to see if it works or if I have to repeat the procedure by pressing the wheel FlexControl.

Anyway, that's okay .....now also with Windows 8.1
Tim .... tnx again
73 Alex ik5pwj.
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The pleasure was all mine, Alex.

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