Flex 5000a Output Power Control

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I am hoping you can help a fellow "flexer", I am finding difficulty in achie=
ving a smooth power increase whilst using SSB.

A little more information needed I know, but what I mean is the following:

I owned an FT2000 and when I was transmitting,my power meter would stay stea=
dy at the required power output when my meter was set at peak hold. This was=
with the linear switched in or not.

My challenge (more noticeable with the linear in, usually run 200 watts) wit=
h the flex is that my meter will show an average power output of say 110 wat=
ts then on the next voice peak may shoot up to 200 watts. It would appear t=
here is no control or smoothing out of my audio input and I am not to sure w=
here to start.

I spoke to a station today and he said that although my signal was clear and=
strong but there appeared to be
some Intermodulation being introduced on peaks (probably because of the s
urge in power with no control ?)

I assume hang and attack times can be adjusted to help ? But I am not sure.

I use a Tokyo Hi Power HL700b with the flex wire connected to the ALC socket=
on the amp

I use a Flex 5000a

Hopefully you can help.

73 Glenn

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Glenn Nutsey

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Posted 6 years ago

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Hi Glenn,

You've asked a question in the 6000 Community for the 5000 series.

You would be better off asking the question in the Flex Radio or Edge reflectors to get a quicker answer.


From Tim in a previous post.

The FlexRadio Community is currently providing only support for the FLEX-6000 and SmartSDR,as there are existing Internet based support services for PowerSDR and the FLEX Series SDRs. I recommend that you check out the Knowledge Base or submit a HelpDesk Support request (http://helpdesk.flexradio.com)
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Glenn Nutsey

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Thanks, will do.

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