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Just wondering if there are any plans, maybe this year, to allow saving the flex audio off air recordings to an external PC hard drive or possibly on a zip drive utilizing one of the usb ports on the radios?
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Posted 3 years ago

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As contesters know, the CQ World Wide and CQ Prefix contests require recordings (upon request) from participants placing at or near the top in single operator (unassisted) categories.  It would be great if Larry's idea was implemented in a fashion that allowed compliance with this requirement -- i.e., both receive channels + transmit audio recorded for the complete contest in a standard format, such as .mp3.
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Is this for real? That's 48 hours worth of MP3 files. Not that I'd ever have to worry about placing near the top but man... that's an odd requirement.

Can Audacity somehow be used? I suppose it could only record transmit or receive but not both and not sent CW at all.

A quick google on two instances of audacity it looks like it might be possible to have one instance listening to RX stream 1 and another listening to Mic stream maybe?

Kev K4VD
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Yes, they've gotten really really paranoid over cheating. Probably rightfully so as there have been some high profile cheating incidents, usually involving unclaimed assistance. 
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I use Voicemeter Banana http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/...
you can record 2 slices and your tx audio all at the same time and save in any format you wish.
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check out this interesting app: http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/...
So audio sent over the network to a receiving server for storage??
Wonder if this company would expand the number of Virtual inputs for us?
Would be nice to be able to record all slices on a 6700.
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Banana works great.  I used it to record my NPOTA activation's.  Then would playback to see how many I messed up.  It was a great help in helping to improve my operating skills.  Still not good but greatly improved.


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Hi Larry,
There are some notes about passing the compressed audio over to the PC in this post.


The idea was to provide a "black box" loop recording feature for the existing SSDR recording function, but it would also support longer recordings.  And the files could be stored on any device accessible by the PC if the data is passed over instead of stored on the radio.   If I understand correctly the recorded audio is currently stored on the radio and the files are not accessible to copy, etc.  

There are a number of options to enhance and integrate the recording capabilities.  
- black box looping
- multiple slices
- storage options (ability to specify device/folder, etc)
- playback options by slice
- standard file format  or export capability for making copies

Sounds like these enhancements are likely to be down the road (V3, V4, etc) if they make the cut. 

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com
SSDR / DAX / CAT/ 6700 -  V 1.10.8

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i love my F6700, but total recording is a simple on one side and at the same time not realised here, however one of the competitor(https://eesdr.com/en/products-en/transceivers-en/sunsdr2pro-en) have it(via VAC8):

well, technologies are different, but feature still required at the time being
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As with all other "when" type requests of this nature, it is company policy not to discuss or speculate on future features before the release is imminent.  So I can't actually answer that part of the question.  I do not think that we would use the USB port for connecting an audio interface due to the challenges of supporting multiple Linux drivers for the wide variety of USB sound devices. 
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For me is the  contest QSO recording a job for the contest software (log). Each QSO will stored after pressing RETURN button and filename gets the time stamp in it.
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Chris DL5NAM:  I know about the K3IT add-on for N1MM & N1MM+.  Are there contest logging programs with this capability built in and readily available? What ones?  TU.
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Although in a perfect world, an integrated solution would be best...

Let me describe what I am currently doing.

I am using a third party piece of software known as Virtual Audio Cable (VAC), to feed multiple audio streams (RX 1 and MIC) into a virtual audio device stream.

I have channeled that mixed virtual audio device stream into Audacity, as well as software that I specifically run to simultaneously record (VOX) and timestamp multiple DAX streams - Abyssmedia MCRC.

I have used this technique to stream local club Nets via IceCast through the Internet, quite successfully, as well as record Net Archives for later review.

It works for me, at least until FRS decides to program a more elegant solution into a future version of SSDR.
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OK..  now I know not to expect the "perfect world" version built into Flex for a while, Soooo ,  the next step was to blow the dust off my registered copy of Recall-Pro.  For whatever reason it would not playback the mp3 recorded files. I then downloaded Audacity ver 2.1.2 and it works fine so far and seems a bit more intuitive to use.   I am just not sure of the best settings to use just to record cw files on 160M.    No need to use up excessive disk space for cw quality.  Still experimenting with settings.  Not sure i need to record in stereo unless I use diversity either but sure would appreciate any hints from those already using Audacity with their Flex 6X radios.
Larry  k1UO
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Has anyone considered using the Opus audio stream for recording? I'm thinking it should be relatively easy for a remote box (PC, Raspberry Pi, etc.) to request and save an Opus stream since the Flex has already done the compression.