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Is the Sales Line closed today. For over 75 minutes now 11:25 - 12:43 calls cycle thru the que then a recording "We cant take your call now!" When will the sales line be open for business?


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Posted 2 years ago

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There are only 1000 people calling it today.  Please be patient.
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Rick WN2C

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There may be 1000 calling in, but when the automated system tells you are first in line and your approximate waiting time is 2 minutes, then it comes back and dumps you into voice mail.
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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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If there is no one to pick up the line because we are engaged, the system will not keep you on hold forever and place you into voice mail to leave a message.
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Jd Dupuy

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I gave up weeks ago trying to call Flex. Leave a message and still no call back. I'm going to wait until June after all the rush on new radios might be over. BTW I got the same thing, you're first in line, then a click on their end.
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JD, if you left a message, we never received.  I take this seriously and if you can tell me time/date, I want to review the call logs to see if we have a problem.  The same you got a click.  What are those dates??  

(p.s.  I'm the Phone Tech too!  :) )
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Our apologies that we missed you.  The entire office went to a celebratory lunch at 11:30ish and returned just after 1PM.  It also sounds like our phone system may need to be tweaked when there are no sales folks logged in.  Thanks for the feedback and hang in there. 
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i had called late last week (friday) and went thru same 'your number one' message for about two minutes then dumped to voice mail...

I left my message and Mike did called me back an hour later to give me status of my order.

so leave a message, they will get back to you.

Easy to tell these guys are working the butts off
yet  they remain cordial and courteous under trying times.

i am still waiting my invoice but now know it is due up this week.

i do have to admit...it is darn hard waiting anxiously...
especially with Bouvet on the horizon
having to use my backup radio (FT100D with sdrplay combo)

i had sent my 6300 in trade and i was really hoping the 6600m would be here instead but that is life and hamradio.

so Plan B is now in play  ;-))

Paul K3SF
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I just e-mailed sales about 2 hours ago and they got back to me quickly.  I asked for ship status.  

No issues here using e-mail.  
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Official Response
Hey guys.  Sorry for the delays today but EVERYONE is calling me!  That is a good thing and I appreciate talking to you all.

I know the engineering team jumped out to lunch for a quick break.   Not everyone went and we were still answering the phones during lunch.  Sales was always on the phones.  No tweaking required.

As for the phones, we only keep you on hold for 3 minutes (exactly) and then you can leave a message for us to call you back.  This is so we don't waste your time.  This is only happens if all the lines are tied up.

As I have mention many times before, we return all voice mails in the order they were received.  That is assuming you leave a number (not everyone does) and I can decrypt it.   

All emails are answered as well, unless we didn't get it, and that happens.

Patience is a virtue.

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David Orman

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Thank you! I have enjoyed talking with you over the last few weeks about my order as well. We all really appreciate what you do and I look forward to meeting you soon!
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Dave Gipson

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I appreciate you taking care of my email invoice snafu. Patience is sometimes hard to swallow and then... you find out that which you did not know and it all makes sense. Thank you Mike 
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Hi Dave 

Glad to help and it was nice to talk to you yesterday.  I was off on Friday and we had a lot of calls on Friday as well.  It took me all day to return all the calls.  Of course email works and we answer them all.  Sometimes in minutes, sometimes in days.

It is a very busy place and lots of good stuff happening.