Flex Radio Dayton 2015 Marketing. The cliche of the "World Class" guest speaker.

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Flex Radio has announced  guest speakers at their Dayton 2015 banquet. Two "world renowned" contest/Dxers.  

  • Ranko Boca, 403A, is one of the world’s most accomplished radio sport contesters.  From his incredible mountain top station above the Bay of Kator, Montenegro, he’s made over 500,000 QSOs since his country gained independence in 2006!  Ranko also manufactures a growing family of networked station integration products under the 4O3A brand.  Learn more at http://www.4o3a.com/
  • Craig Thompson, K9CT, is the co-leader of PJ7E, NH8S, K9W and holds 3 expedition of the year awards.  He designed and owns a world class, winning contest superstation with 11 towers from 1.8 to 1296 MHz plus EME.  Craig enjoys station design engineering and working as a team in M/S and M/2 contests.    To read more about K9CT visit http://k9ct.us/
Impressive "hobbyist" resumes for sure. Yet in my view irrelevant to the SDR community.  Ranko has made "Over 500,000" Qso's.  Sorry I don't believe it. He may well of contacted these stations but he surely didn't talk to them for any length of time. Imagine getting to know 500,000 people! Laughs. Like most contesters he was too busy moving on to the next contact.

And Craig Thompson has 11 Towers and a "Worldclass superstation". Also irrelevant to the vast majority of Flex users.  The idea of having `11 Towers is too absurd to even address. This is a hobby for most. Not a lifestyle, profession or an identity.

My point? These speakers are a transparent attempt to have  "one of the worlds most accomplished" and another "world Class station owner"  pump up interest in the the Flex SDR platform in the Contest community.

Flex has every right to focus their marketing efforts on whoever they like. But I think their "world class" choices (Jeez what blow hard rhetoric!) are predictable and tired. The same marketing tripe put forth by Yaesu and Icom and even Kenwood on occasion.

Flex could have created an SDR extravaganza. Examples abound!  A round table discussion with an FPGA designer, Application developers, veteran users (no they don't have to have 11 towers), and enthusiastic posters from this very forum. If Flex were creative and daring they could even invite representatives from their competitors. Flex could show their confidence by inviting Anon, Elad, Quicksilver others to address their customer base as well.   Imagine a lively  "Blue Sky" discussion of where the SDR can go with audience participation.  What fun!!!  The Microsoft HoloLens comes to mind. Will I have the 20 meter band on my watch on 5 years?  ...........

Flex had a chance to be different. Like their platform, the possibilities are many.  But their market is ham radio operators.  And they like much of the hobby cannot think out of the box.  

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Posted 4 years ago

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As much as I may enjoy the mental and verbal sparring on the subject of contesting (and my apologies to the group if I participated in hijacking the thread)  Back to the main topic....

I am sure that these two guys have assembled first class stations and that they may have a lot to teach any ham, including Flexers, about the adventure of assembling high performance antennas, audio clarity, reducing grounding and RF problems, designing the layout of a station for ergonomic efficiency, safety, and other things in general relating to operating a cutting edge Amateur radio station.

Whether or not you agree with their favorite way of enjoying the hobby, there is probably a great deal to be learned from their experience.  They have done things in the hobby that most of us never even dream of attempting.  Besides that, they might even be entertaining!  I hope my schedule will allow me to join the party.  Right now things look a little sketchy.

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