Flex meter is great for youtube

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I stream my radio on youtube sometimes, for special events and such. Often I don't want to show the entire radio interface but I want to show something moving, so what better than a bouncing S-meter and graph...

Something like this when I was listening to JE1LET this morning:

(He works WO2X at 15:30 or so)

Pretty slick. This is Flex Meter.

13 colonies (obviously not me at the mic):

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Ria - N2RJ, Elmer

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Posted 3 years ago

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David Ahrendts

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Really cool idea, Ria! Thanks for sharing. Interested what others are doing to stream live.
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Ria - N2RJ, Elmer

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BTW I use OBS and send DAX directly to it. It's pretty amazing that digital audio straight from the radio's FPGA is being sent over the Internet to YouTube!
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Ria, what;s OBS? Thanks
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Chris DL5NAM

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see here: https://obsproject.com/

73 Chris
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haha that was nice hearing me work JE1LET. Very cool setup.

Dave wo2x
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Ria - N2RJ, Elmer

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Next up I want to put more data on screen without using SmartSDR, but I might have to build something for this. If I do, I'll share. 
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The denzone.com web page where the latest version of Flex Meter (v1.2)  is posted was down for a couple of days this week.  The web hosting company fixed the problem and as of this morning the web page is available.
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I have used OBS thru YouTube during a small local net so that others could see their output waveform on SSB as a means for tweaking their audio equalization.
One issue tends to be the internet upload speed. With not great upload speed there is a lot of buffering and delay such that the viewing parties do not necessarily see a real time view but they sure get to see some great video.
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Thanks for sharing. I read up on FlexMeter. How do you go about sharing this on Youtube? Maybe a small HowTo document would be nice? Looking for information how to share FlexMeter, audio, maybe also pandadapter on a link as a live stream....