Flex hatred by other amateur radio operators

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When you mention you are using a Flex radio most non Flex owning hams are supportive or neutral.  But a few hams get really angry like you desecrated their mother's grave.  Has anyone else ran into this?
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Posted 4 years ago

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When you filter out the few nuts on forums (which exist on ALL forums, not just ham radio forums),
then you find  a fairly neutral general public, who all recognize that their neighbors drive cars
with wildly different shapes, colors, and fuel sources.   And they dobn't care.

To put it further into perspective;   There are a little under 1 million licensed amateur radio operators
in the USA.  (OK, fine, approx 750,000) 
How many  of them have gone "crazy" on you for mentioning "Flex"?
Perhaps 3?
Maybe Half a dozen?

Next, go back across several years of forum posts on ALL types of topics, for THOSE specific individuals,
and you begin to see the pattern of mental health issues clearly.
It has nothing to do with Flex. They are just nuts.  Perhaps 60 year old guys still living in Mom's basement? 
I don't have a license or time to psycho-analyze them, but perhaps it is simply envy since they can't afford a top-end radio, or perhaps it is the color of the company logo, or perhaps the sound of the word Flex conflicts
with the "voices" in their head?

Human's are generally "Change Resistant" by nature.   But they do eventually change.
At least the normal ones eventually change.     (Here's to hope for the next election, but I digress :-) )
So a few comments here or there about "I won't touch a radio without knobs" are perfectly normal.
But the one or two guys that make it a life long crusade to attack every poster on the forum that uses
the word Flex?   Um, er, yeah, you could say those loosers need help and sympathy, or maybe a good
hard kick in the ass. :-)

To summarize, be careful about forums for any type of hobby or business.   Most happy users never
find time to post,  but the few angry ones that also have bad people skills do.   So it is hard to get an accurate view point by simply reading the posts.   This can apply to review sites like Amazon also.


Neal   N6YFM

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 You can't beat the RX on a Flex. Once your ears hear this, there is no going back.
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Not worried about what "knob lovers" have to say about knobless Flex radios. Three reasons I got a Flex:
  1. No knobs, which means no planned obsolescence (e.g. new features can be added via software and the SSDR UI instead of me being forced to buy a "new" radio to get the new knob or switch every time another manufacturer adds a new feature to their knob radio. (Whenever possible, I'd rather buy software than hardware.)
  2. Reputation for awesome RX.
  3. My best ham friend, who is a picky tech nerd like me, has one and loves it.
Reason I like my Flex: My antenna is nothing more than a wire up a tree (Ultimax 100) - and not even all the way up the tree, 'cause I couldn't throw my rock high enough - but from here at my temp QTH in Acadia NP Maine, depending on conditions my 100W FT8 signal seems to have quite the reach - into Europe all the way to Ukraine, down to South America, Canada, of course, and out to the west coast of USA. I'm pretty impressed with the performance I'm seeing, and I'm having fun. What else matters?