Flex Direct Conversion Receiver - My HeathKit QRP HW-8 CW XCVR from 1968 is also a Direct Conversion as well had lots of Fun with it !

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Flex Direct Conversion Receiver - Fun Radio - My HeathKit QRP HW-8 XCVR from 1968 is also a Direct Conversion Receiver a well had lots of Fun with it !
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All Crystal Radios are direct sampling
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no sampling, no conversion artifacts, zero phase noise. clearly the wave of the future ..
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"grandpa, what's a mixer/"

oh, we just use ADC's now...

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My first home brew receiver, other than a crystal receiver, was a simple "Infinite impedance detector" out of the ARRL Handbook, using a FET, hand wound coil (on a toilet paper tube), variable capacitor scarfed from an old AM receiver, and a few resistors and capacitors. I fed the audio into my stereo's auxiliary audio input, connected it to my HF dipole. It was amazing to hear multiple shortwave broadcast stations fading in and out as the band rose and fell. I could tune several MHZ, and the bandwidth was wide as a barn door, allowing several stations in at the same time. But it was almost magical, because I built it myself!

This was about 1981, I had been a ham for about seven years, but it was my first home brew radio, and one of my first solid state projects.
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Watch out Flex ! The new HW-8 is here !
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I did my first DXPedition with an HW-8, WA0FYG/VP2S (now J8), using battery power and a low 40m dipole for 40 & 15 strung between a couple of little trees behind my in-law's house on Bequia.
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I'm a big fan of trees. 

73, Jay - NO5J