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Since taking delivery of my FLEX 6400m my Flex Control has been sitting on my desk unused. I've adjusted well not using the control but I must admit I do miss it. So, is there any reason I should hold onto the Flex Control? From what I been told it is not compatible with my 6400m. 
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Tony WV2C

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Posted 2 years ago

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Jonathan W0JS

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I intend on purchasing this add-on soon. My understanding is that it works with SSDR and not the radio itself, which is how I intend on using it. It may he handy to use with the radio as well, but I havent thought of a case for it at the moment. Will be watching this one.
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If you run the SSDR client from a computer , it’s pretty handy. Unless you really need to sell it, I’d say keep it.
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My Maestro is due to get new opto encoder,  been holding back until the KH1 adventure was over... and now I see the Flex Control is now not in stock over here! Anyone willing to sell their Flex control I would be more than happy to buy it :D Scratches is no problem as long as it works. Anyone?
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I could not live without the Flex Control when using SSDR on my windows computer!! The best $99 I have spent!!  

Robert, Flex 6600M
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I did not think I would like the Flex control but one was included with my used 6300, after playing with it a while, it is a valued piece of equipment in my shack. Extremely versatile. A DXing and Contesting must have!  
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Jonathan W0JS

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Yes, manually clicking all the time during field day and swapping to the logging software was a bit of a pain. That is what really turned me on to decide to buy it.
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If you intend to only operate from the front panel, then a Flex Control is unnecessary, but if you prefer a larger screen and the options that SSDR provide, an FC is extremely useful.  I actually have two of them; the second one being controlled by DDUTIL, as I'm usually running SSDR on my 27" monitor with my primary radio.  My Maestro is relegated to being the control for my 2nd Flex In normal use, One of the FC's is programmed to primarily serve as a volume control while the 2nd tunes the radio, in finer steps than are available through SSDR.  When DXing, they become individual tuning knobs for both slices, but with instant availabilty of volume control for the active slice and CWS speed without using the mouse. There's no single answer to you question.  It entirely depends on your operating style.