Flex 6500with ALS 1306

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Thinking of getting the ALS-1306. Has anyone successfully interfaced the Flex 6500 band data to the ALS 1306 amp. I see a post about a year ago. Did this work??
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Hi, I have my 6500 and an ALS-600 solid stateamp interfaced through DDutil and a parallel port. It is works fine and you can store drive levels per band. I'm pretty sure the 1306 uses the same basic data configuration
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Official Response
I am using a 6500 and ALS-1306 remotely with Maestro.  I have no parallel port so  I control band selection using a DLI remote relay to generate the A-B-C-D data.   Then I control the relay with the iPhone IOS app supplied by DLI to select the band.  Band selection is not automatic, but I do have positive control over band selection.   I also power the Flex on and off via one set of contacts in the DLI DIN relay.
http://www.digital-loggers.com/din.html.   I got mine at Amazon.  
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I have a 6500 and a ALS-1300 which automatically band-switches using DDUTIL, a USB-8 relay board, and a 5V power source.  I reviewed the schematic for the ASL-1306 and everything you need is already built into the 1306.  The transceiver interface jack uses pins 1,2,8,9 to accept Yaesu BCD data.  The key is as follows
1   = BCD B
2   = BCD A
8   = BCD D
9  = BCD C

DDUTIL will switch the relay board such that the proper BCD word is provided for each band  The band table is:


So all you need to do is acquire a USB-8  and 12V to 5V converter from ebay.  Simply wire 5V to one side of the NO contact on 4 relays, and the correct output from the other relay contact (ABCD) to the ALS 1306.  Install DDUTIL and turn on USB-8 support and the correct Yaesu BCD will be sent to the amp depending on the band chosen.  Before plugging into the amp use a voltmeter to verify which BCD lines are which.

Here is how I set up USB-8 in DDUTIL

As long as a a DDUTIL client is active on the local computer to which the USB-8 is connected, the 6500 will automatically band switch the amp even if you are controlling the 6500 remotely.  I use custom macro's in DDUTIL to turn the RCA port off an on in the 6500 so I can momentarily turn off the amp and remotely tune my automatic antenna tuner, then resume full power by turning on the RCA with another macro.  You may be able to get the 5V version of the USB-8 to work and use 5V purloined from the USB port for BCD data, but I haven't tried that.  I don't have a Maestro but if you have DDUTIL connected locally Maestro "should" be able to control the amp as well.

73  W9OY

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Thanks for the great info. Gonna get a board this week.