FLEX-6400/FLEX-6400M/FLEX-6600/FLEX-6600M now certified for CE

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To our European customers,

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed all requirements for CE certification for the FLEX-6400, FLEX-6400M, FLEX-6600 and FLEX-6600M radios! We are now transitioning the changes made during the certification process into manufacturing in order to begin deliveries into Europe. We are currently expediting components that will allow us to begin delivery to our EU distributors in June.

Thanks to those of you who have been patiently waiting while we completed this process.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

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Robert Lonn

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Congratulations to Flex Engineering to meet these guidelines!! Lots of happy Europeans today!!!  I wish Trump was a Ham Radio Operator!!! He could have a FLEX on Air Force One!!!   Hey, can we get a Flex on the ISS!!! :-) 

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Yes a flex on iss ..how bout it..?
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There is a 6700R on ISS already!
Andrew VK5CV
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I believe there are 2 Flex 6700's on the ISS.
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Correct.. 2 Flex 6700 on the ISS
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Finally, after having ordered a year.  And as a thank you now a price increase because of the dollar exchange rate?
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I've spent decades working purchases between currencies, and yes it is hard to control for a small purchase like a radio.

But there are techniques (buy the currency you will need ahead, prepay the actual purchase, buy a currency future, using bank accounts in different currencies to transfer ahead, or simply invest the needed money while waiting) that can help.

It's hard to discipline oneself to hedge on expected currency needs. 

I never moan about the overseas producer myself, as unless they are a major exporter they won't protect me, and I know the tools I could have/should have used.

Currencies are much like weather - if you are patient enough wait long enough, they often move in your advantage.

BTW the short term US Dollar market trends appear to favor hedging even now, lest you have to pay even more when the transaction goes through.


Steve K9ZW

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Had my Flex 6600M for a week, finally unpacked the microphone to start the TX testing, plugged in the Mic, as well as the PTT RCA jack.. Placed it into a Dummy Load, Needed to have the PTT feature to register SmartLink... After That was completed and the radio was registered, I went on 20 meters and called CQ!! WHAT!!! No RF output or modulation??? Turns out the Dummy Load was ME!!!  Forgot to activate the BIAS setting for the Mic!! All was well,, 20 meters was not open, but had a single contact, Great Audio report with the hand held microphone!!  CRAP,,, now I need to go to work,,, OK more fun on Friday,, Vacation Day!!! :-) 

Robert WA6PHN