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How about a video on just how painless easy it is to run SSDR remotely using the new Windows 10 and a brand spanking new Microsoft Surface Pro 4? Yep .. thirty minutes ago the UPS driver dropped off the Pro 4 and now I am doing dishes and listening to 17-meters SSB FROM THE KITCHEN! Freezing ham-shack begone!

What a hoot! There were a few gotchas that I wanted to share, so tomorrow I will spend my day making my very first YouTube video to share with the forum. I went with the Surface Pro 4 because I knew I would be using it as a remote receiver/interface, and wanted to be able to separate the keyboard and use the tilt-stand feature in tablet mode. Awesome performance!

Touch screen, pen, and one gorgeous display! I can display four slices and panadapters .. no problem. 

Mount Baker is just over the top of the screen but it is too cloudy here on the mountain top this evening to see. It's raining otherwise I would have gained a nicer view from the deck. Down below runs the San Juan Channel and in the distance is Orcas Island. 

Will post the video tomorrow ... if all goes to plan

W7NGA  dan
San Juan Island, Wa.

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Posted 4 years ago

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I lived in Issaquah for years and visited San Juans a fair amount.  Beautiful place.

From the looks of your top photo you have some nice trees (towers?) off in the distance.  LOL  Looks nice looking forward to more info.  I have it running on my surface 3 with no issues as well.

I worked a fair amount of the recent CW contest while sitting watching football with an earbud in place and the CWX window open.  I wasn't using N1MM or anything.  Just a notepad doc listing who I'd connected with to avoid dupes.

I was very cool.  Didn't miss a second of football and made about 25 contacts, many of them dx.

Today I was just listening to 20m and there was a guy helping someone else setup some icom radio with all the push to get to this menu, rotate until you see item 274, push, set it to 19 push select etc etc... they went on and on for 30 minutes.

Near the end the guy goes, "these radios are so much better than the software radios..." he continues saying tuning using a knob is just the best, a mouse is hard... I have to agree a little but with SmartSDR you can type in a freq too.  Anyway I can get to virtually all of my settings without having to know that menu 127, item 65 is the processor gain.

Anyway to each his own but for me the software interface is great.
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Yes, it was funny as I was listening to 17-meters, the ham was telling the other ham how he loved his Icom 7600 but was interested in something new. He had looked at the Flex but decided it was just too complex and hard to setup. There I was, washing dishes and listening remotely, literally minutes after I downloaded SSDR onto the Surface Pro 4! 

I don't dare mention that I could also check my email, watch a video, go wild on Amazon.com, solve Differential Equations using Mathematica, and edit photos of my grandsons ... AND listen to four ham bands!
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Yes.  I know to each his/her own.  I love the software interface. I will however get a Maestro to satisfy that time when I want to play with knobs.   And I do realize that sometimes my SmartSDR glitches and I need a restart, but I have to say years ago I had a Kenwood TS something or other that sometimes would glitch too.

I am just glad to be on this band wagon. In looking back at the community posts I can see where some of the earlier releases were perhaps a little painful at times.   Now I feel like SmartSDR and the Flex6000 series are set to move forward with some very cool features.
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Great location, Dan. 

I have done the walk from H dock to West Marine a few times in my life.  And a stop at the 'blow-your-head-off' pepper sauce store to highlight some shrimp and crab on the barbie off the stern.

Bet you can see the ferry lights when they go through Thatcher Pass . .   super  - I am jealous.
love the islands - and I have to include the canadian side of it too.
Bet you do not need the NR or WNB much up there.

Cheers and enjoy the new machine.   Makes dish washing a joy !!!!
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What are your thoughts on during Fldigi or other digital programs on the Surface.
I see there is one USB port.
Are the audio out and audio in ports physically separate.

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I too have a brand new Surface Pro 4 (i7 / 8GB / 256GB) and am running my whole suite of amateur radio applications on it.  I am all Mac here and this is my only Windows computer. It replaced an old Dell Inspiron which had to be connected to my FlexRadio 6500 by ethernet cable as it lacks fast Wifi. I am also able to access it remotely from anywhere with Logmein Pro.

Everything runs totally smoothly and I am also using the Microsoft Wireless Monitor Adapter plugged into an LG 27" LED monitor as a remote screen. This also works very well.

My FlexRadio 6500 is connected via an ethernet cable to an Apple AirPort Express which extends my Wifi and the Surface Pro is connected via Wifi (5GHz).  I have not had any issues at all with this set-up.

I haven't really found any gotchas which would be specific to the Surface Pro 4!

To answer James' question, you are right, there is only one USB but I also bought the Surface Dock which adds more - I do not need them however because the only USB device that I have is my Flex Control and that is usually plugged directly into the Surface Pro. I am not sure about audio in/out!  I will have to research that one!  It will come into play when I use on of my old-style transceivers (Ten-Tec Omni VII and ELecraft KX3) with the Surface Pro.  These will need more USB ports.

All-in-all a very nice bit of kit and very compact. I am still looking forward to my Maestro (whenever it get across the pond!) but I am very pleased to have bought the Surface Pro 4!

David G4NRT