First time users - Some simple notes . ** Please Review **

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Hi Guys

If you are really new to SmartSDR, can I recommend a few simple places to start?

First, we actually have a manual and it is darn good and easy to read.  We made sure of that.  RTFM stands for Read the Flex Manual.

The SmartSDR manual can be found here:

Personally, I went over to Staples and had it printed for about $25 in a spiral ring.  It allowed me to easily leaf through it just to see what was in there and being it was paper, I could make notes in it.  

The Index is great, so if I had a Mic issue, I would just look up Mic in the table of contents and go from there.

The other thing I do is have the PDF handy so I can open it up and then do a quick search.  I use CTRL-F and then search on what I am interested it.  All PDF viewers have some sort of text search function.

This also might help you through your first hour of operating.  

Lastly, if you are having issues, spend a few minutes describing your problem and also tell us what you tried to fix a problem.  Check out the manual.

If you don't say what you did, then everyone will think you haven't tried 'that' to fix your problem.  

We have a LOT of great people on this Community who have a ton of knowledge who can help you out.  

Enjoy your new toy and welcome aboard.

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Posted 2 years ago

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I wish all manuals were written with the clarity of this one. To sound trite it is a "good read."
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It'll be a couple of months before my radio arrives. Would be nice if SmartSDR had a demo mode so I could  become more familiar with it.

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Thanks a bunch mike
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Also another good resource that sometimes gets lost in the mix
SmartSDR for windows >> How to guides

Lots of good stuff there.
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Great video. Thanks
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You might think about Linking the Table of Contents entries to the corresponding page. Currently I do a "find" to get to the correct page, A Link would be faster.



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This was an error in the last publication of the document.  This will be checked and corrected in all future releases.
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Let me suggest that if anyone is thinking of printing the current release of the SmartSDR for Windows document, please hold off a while.  It has been revised for the new radio models and is being reviewed.  A new version will be coming out in a week or so, once the review is finished.

The M Series User Guide is done for the time being.
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Thanks Mike! Enthusiasticly awaiting the arrival of my 6400 tomorrow! Seems like a good get started basic video,
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This is something else I am compiling for new users:

SmartSDR V2.4.9 - the latest version include SmartSDR CAT and SmartSDR DAX

SmartSDR User Guide - describes SmartSDR and all the different functions.  Very well laid out.

Flex 6400M and 6600M User Guide

CAT USB Interfacing - used for interfacing external devices like amplifiers

Controlled Envelope SSB - how to get more power out of your Flex 6000 radio

Flex 6000 Hardware Reference Manual - 6300 6500 6700

Hardware Reference Manual - describes the connections on the back of the radio - Flex 6400 and 6600