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fired the new 6600 and maestro up last night, played around a few hours this am with it.....connecting and installing seemed ez so far.....and I know the bands are noisy me, the rx audio seems awful, very "artificial" or processed (not sure how else to describe it).....the background noise or hiss is at a much higher frequency than my 7610, ive been trying different settings to try to make it better but no last night seemed ok, it seems to hear as good as the 7610.....spent all morning comparing signals between the 2 on 20m to be fair, ive only played with the flex for a few hours now, listening to the audio thru the maestro speaker, although the 7610 is using its internal speaker as well....
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Posted 1 year ago

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Between the AGC-T setting, using your receive EQ and receive bandwidth setting you should be able to accomplish a very nice receive.
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Look in the manual on how to setup and use the AGC-T,  you can also use the the RX 8 pole Equalizer to drop out the Highs, use a different filter setting, I run mine at 2.1KHz but these are constantly variable, just place them where you want them for your ears. 

For my ears I have a hard time with the High pitch white noise and so I use the AGC-T and RX EQ a lot.

My settings on 40 Meters are 
AGC-T = 35,  RX Filter is at 2.1Khz, RX EQ 8K and 6K are at -6, 2K is at -2. 

All speakers are different and some work better at different frequencies ranges so that should really not be in the equation. 

This is how MY ears hear the band the best and if I need to hear deeper into the noise floor just adjust the AGC-T to where it sounds best to your ears for band conditions.
I like using the computer to set these settings because for me it is easier and should be really close on your Maestro and just need to be touched up a little.
Be sure to save your profiles when you get it how you like it. 

73's and YMMV


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Jamie I thought the same thing initially, but as others have said above, your AGC-T slider, RX EQ settings, and also your pre-amp settings can be adjusted to minimize background noise and maximize the incoming signal.  Flex radios are somewhat different than the average rigs from Japan, but once you get the hang of it I have no doubt you'll really like it.  Also adding a good set of powered speakers helps as well.  I'm using a set of AudioEngine 5+ speakers which sound great.
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Hi Jamie,
As others noted the AGC-T setting is important and can need adjustment frequently for a number of reasons.  There is a request to offer an option to automate it's adjustment.  It is the number 1 most requested enhancement by votes.  

Here is a link where you can see the details, the reasons why it needs frequent adjustment, add a vote if you would like or add your comment to the idea.

Al / NN4ZZ  
al (at) nn4zz (dot) com
6700 & SSDR-W  V 2.4.9

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I use the 6600 and Maestro also.   I get the best reception by using some preamp (8dB or higher) (touch ANT 1 on the screen to adjust the RF gain of the very low noise 20dB preamp), then lower the AGC-T knob and turn the AF (volume) knob up.  I get the best reception when listening with the volume near 100 percent and the AGC-T very lower often single digits (almost all background noise is eliminated, sometimes a little noise helps).  Set the basic bandwidth (touch the frequency numbers and set the USB bandwidth, then touch a blank area of the screen (near Menu) to go back, then use Band pass knobs (Low and High) to customize the bandwidth of the Slice A RX (note: pressing the smaller knob will switch the knobs to Shift and Width, so experiment)
And pressing AF knob, (smaller one) will mute VFO B and toggle around (muting A, B, Both, None).
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Listening on the Maestro speaker, no wonder. To do any kind of comparison you must try to level the playing field by using a much of the same items on each radio such as same antenna, same speakers. I suggest use a pair of headphones if you can't get a decent set of powered external speakers to listen on. Besides adjusting the AGC-T you should look at the RF Gain via ANT, on my 6700 there are 6 settings, -10db, 0db, 10db, 20db, 30db, 40db. You may also want to check the DSP to be sure no filters were left on.
Also Jamie, you did not say if you set the RX filter on both radios to the same value, this is crucial for any comparison. As others have mentioned, adjust the EQ to what your ears like.

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The sad thing about this is that the request for change on this started FOUR years ago and nothing has changed??????????????
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Thanks for the tips...AGC T worked great !!! I tried most of the other ....and yes I tried the rx filters between the two,