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Don't get me wrong, the 6000 series is awesome, but at the top of my "annoying" list is being able to fine-tune the tuning frequency when I see a signal on the panadapter, drag the slice receiver to it with the mouse, an then I have to try to get it on the right frequency.

So maybe a way to address this, is to have a popup "flag" that shows round-number frequencies that are around the tuned frequency that I can just click on so that it goes straight to .000, .500, .150, etc. 

I dunno.  seems like there should be an easy way to tune right on the correct frequency with little effort.  The flexcontrol helps because it tunes in steps but sometimes I move around the house with my tablet and don't have the flexcontrol with me. ;)

This is just a brainstorm idea.  I'm open to suggestions, and I look forward to future releases! :)

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Posted 6 years ago

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I think this will be much easier when the flexcontrol is fully implemented.  You can currently use DDUtil to provide variable stepping sizes as that's not in SSDR yet.  Remote tuning on a tablet will be a challenge though.
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Not everybody wants to get a FlexControl
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        True, Mike.  I suppose one advantage of knobbed radios is that they come
fully equipped with knobs.  Perhaps the 6000's should have been shipped
with one.  There has been a number of small peripherals that seemed to
have been needed at first.  However those have slowly been eliminated.
Surely there is a place for the Flexcontrol - to add some versatility-  but
it shouldn't be a  *requirement*  just to move 1 Hz.  The mouse knob or
an arrow key can do this if 1 Hz is offered as an optional frequency