extended warranty - is it worthwhile?

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As the owner of a new Flex, I am wondering if it would be worth purchasing the extended warranty.  A number of things such as lightening, electrostatic discharge damage, etc. are not covered.  I am interested in learning others' experience.  In what ways did having the extended warranty prove worthwhile, or not worthwhile?  I know that Flex has a strong reputation, but I am simply trying to make an informed decision.
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I think it depends on an individual's comfort level.

For non-warranty FRS repairs I've found both the service and the costs to exceed my expectations.

I'm not all that certain if the non-warranty repairs would have all been covered under an extended warranty, or if they were needed within the extended warranty period. 

I'm including my 5000a as well as the two 6700's, a 6300 I since sold and the 6600M.

That said it is nice to know that anything internal is covered for the additional period.

So I guess it comes back to how you feel about it, if it is personally easier to pay the extended warranty cost now, and if capping the repair costs for in-warranty for a longer period is personally important.

For what it is worth until I saw your post I hadn't given the extended warranty any thought, which I wanted to say as it qualifies my response now because I never considered the option at purchase.


Steve K9ZW

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When you buy a new radio does the warranty start from date of paid invoice or date that shipment is received?
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Depends on the State in which you live... In consumer friendly California, you are likely still covered well after warranty expires.. In less consumer friendly states, it can be invoice date or shipping date. 

Flex has traditionally been pretty generous with the interpretation to the benefit of the purchaser.

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Is the warranty not a Flex policy and not a state program?
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Warranties in the USA are a bit different... Each state has it's own policies so even though companies can set their own warranty terms, the state rules supersede them

I believe that the EU has a minimum of a 2 year warranty on Electronics and IIRC Flex follows the EU rules in the EU

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My take - if you think you'll trade up in a couple of years, don't opt for the warranty.
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My take. Like Life Insurance, Extended Warranties are intended to be profitable for the companies selling them. In other word, the cost of repairs should be less than the extended warranty costs b

So economically they are statistically a bad deal for the purchaser. (In the case of life insurance. You pay someone else collects). The only reason to by them is “peace of mind” in that you are paying an extra risk premium Over the actual costs you might incur without insurance so as to reduce your financial risk in future

I never buy them for electronics or cars or appliances but I am a gambler quite comfortable with risk.
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I agree with Howard and Ria. 

The odds are much greater that you are going to have an issue with with a non covered warranty issue than one that is covered anyway.