Ethernet Flex band decoder

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work on that for some time now , but today it almost done  ;-)  have fully working prototype

so i build a board that may use as BDC band decoder for commercial  linear 
not yet play whit it but i have a spare uart for the case linear need CAT connection
instead of BDC  

the Ethernet part of the board  was pin and software compatible whit arduino UNO and Ethernet sheild 2 ( W5500 IC )   and of course it run the wonder full  Enzo  iw7dmh  Libraries  and code

for the case that board was user on home made linear i use a second smaller MCU for control and protection circuit , monitor temperature and power IN , power OUT and SWR , bias ,TX relay and sequencing   

have also possibility to fit it on back to a 4.3" 4D system  intelligent display whit touch screen 
for make nice good looking DIY linear 

have also option for connect a laural microwave switch for handle transverter IF 
and a couple of spare GPIO and 12 bit ADC input 

i plant to make small batch of that board and sell it for a decent price 

so ready to make the first Flex ready linear ?  ;-)

big thank to Enzo  iw7dmh  for it help on code development  and for it wonder full library

Marc L.  VE2OLM

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Marc Lalonde

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Posted 4 years ago

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Looks great Marc, Flex ready linear ?  ;-) I'm up for that :-) should also say shack looks amazing.
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I'm ready to beta Marc :)   I'll need at least 2-3
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Marc Lalonde

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the schematic

the beta firmware
as Enzo notice to me it not the good way to code the band decoder function 
but it work ;-)     it also  for now work whit first version of it libraries 
need to rework code for handle current version ,but i do it for test my hardware

will try to add Kenwood CAT command next week . 
but i was bit bad programmer ;-)  that wly i made it whit open source software
so any one may wrote firmware for it as it need  
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IW7DMH, Enzo

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Hello Marc,

what a amazing project!! it is simply great.
If you look at my last project you can find the kenwood CAT protocol already implemented.. You should be able to use it as is :)

73' Enzo
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Nice job.
I also have an application working on a BeagleBone that switches transverters for use up through 47GHz.
I programmed in C talking to the API with Apache and PHP doing the administration.
I remember Enzo's work, but forget what language he uses? Was it Java?
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Marc Lalonde

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it  kind of C   aka  "Arduino" 

that my next PCB to assemble and test  
go inside steppIR EHU ,simple 4 wire cable no Mather number of element ,it daisy chain
have optical detector for avoid turn the copper tape into expensive slinky ;-)
and bye bye SDA-100  it take input from my Ethernet board straight from the radio VFO
or from PC trough a FTDI  USB  to RS-485 dongel  

have also 2 x 6 antenna switch on the way to ...

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Thus could be awesome for transverse use! No more application on the pc controlling relays.
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Great work!!! 
Add me to the list of alpha/beta testers.