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Picked up a new Dell 43" monitor for my architectural office, but of course had to install SmardSDR on it. Resolution is 3840x2160 with a Nvidia GTX970 card. Remoted back to the house with V2.0 (the curved slope of the noise, is a Mag Loop).

I do believe I've finally got enough room!

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Brent Parker

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Posted 3 years ago

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Cliff Batson

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Wow!  That's a beautiful sight... - Cliff
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Michael Coslo

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Isn't a big screen sweet? I'm on a 46 inch screen plus my 27 inch "other computer stuff" and will never go back to tiny screens. I'm spoiled rotten!
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Brent Parker

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Yea, I'm on a 30" for the main at home, plus a "little" 24" off to the side and thought that was great. But this 43" with 8m pixels, and a 30" beside it raises the bar a bit!

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Bob Gerzoff, WK2Y

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Sorry to tell you, but I'll bet that's only going to be room enough for now. ;-)  I have two 27 inch monitors and if I could figure out how to get a third to work with my desk and desktop, I would.  73, Bob WK2Y
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2x 27" via the computers built in card.

 1x 24" and 1x15", each using a Diamond USB 2.0 DVI Adapter. Works well.

I think they also make a version for USB 3.0.

73, Tom
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KY6LA - Howard, Elmer

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3x 27". Not enough space
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Bob Gerzoff, WK2Y

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LOL.  I feel your pain.  Are you running a dedicated video card?
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30" and a 27". Loving the new undocking in 2.0
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27" x 34" x 27" 4K

I think I'd definitely prefer one big screen.

Speaking of mag loops, I purchased one from Wellbrook for receive-only. Haven't set it up yet but looking forward to giving it a try. 
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Brent Parker

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The video card in the big 43" + 30" is a Nvidia gtx970. It power both displays fine. We run Revit and AutoCAD in our architectural practice, and that stuff needs the power. For SmartSDR, it's more than enough power.

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I just upgraded to (3) 24" Monitors and a nexus 7 (slide show QSL cards) I have a spot cleared out in the center for a 6600m ;)
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Andy M5ZAP

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3 x 27" curved Samsung monitors and still not enough usable pixels.

Next upgrade is a 4K TV on wall behind. Any comments on size of tv you need to make it usable at 1:1 without scaling.
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Kevin N9JKP

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I believe I read here that a 50" 4k would allow four 1024 windows without scaling.  I have two 27" 4K monitors and they are not enough.
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EA4GLI - 8P9EH - Salvador

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I'm about to re-arrange the entire thing and build "up" instead of "over", but two 28" UHD displays.... and agreed would still like more room :-) I really like the multi-curved display setup that Andy has, looks sharp and would have great view-ability. 

I really need to re-arrange it, things have just been getting stacked for a while. Hopefully this weekend...