Enhancement to let you drag a panadapter to another monitor.

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With the addition of the waterfall, the screen real estate is filling up quickly when running multiple panadapters.   Even with 3 or 4 and it gets pretty crowded.  Some folks have 2, 3 or 4  monitors available and that could help.

Idea - allow the panadapters to be docked on another monitor.  For example, the Chorme brower allows you drag a tab to another monitor.   As you can see in the video, you can drag a panadapter to another window but of course it won't stay. 

I know docking panels has been suggested before but I couldn't find a reference to moving them to another monitor.  Let me know if this has already been suggested and is redundant.   There are probably other (and maybe better) ways to utilize multiple monitors.  For example, allowing  multiple instances of SSDR might work well.  

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
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Video shows SSDR on the left, and attempt to drag to the monitor on the right. 

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Posted 6 years ago

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I believe I requested this a while back. I too have experienced dragging a pan to another monitor only to see it flip back to the original. I'm running two monitors usually with DM-780 on one and the Flex screen on the other. It would be quite helpful to be able to have the various pans on different physical monitors. I might set up three. With the advent of the waterfall and the 8 pans possible with my 6700 this would be an optimal setup.

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I would like to be able to undock my pandapters to float them whever I want.  I would also want to be able to undock and float the transmit panels wherever I want as well.
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Roger Cole

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Having the capability of moving one or more slice receivers to a second monitor would be fantastic!
Hopefully in the future?
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I agree, having the pandapters to other attached displays would be a huge improvement for laying out operator screens.
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I would like to see two solutions to this.

1) Allowing a single instance to dock panadapters on different screens.  Only one screen will have focus and only the active slice will show in the side panel.  Great for a single op with multiple monitors. 

2) Allow simultaneous connection to one radio from different computers.  Each computer will have one of its panadapters active and one screen in focus.  What this adds is the second computer will not steal focus from the first, and multiple mice, flex controls, keyboards can be concurrently active.  This would normally be used by a second operator but a multi-tasking single operator could handle it.

Naturally only one transmit at a time.

Q:  Can the transverter and the power amplifier transmit concurrently?  How much of the transmit process can be multi-threaded software and how much is single pathed hardware?  This would permit a VHF contact concurrent with a digital HF transfer.

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that would be great   AL    NOW    CWX    should have allowed the same movement as in powerSDR
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This would be a great option to add as I have three monitors I would like to utilize.  
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Since I run five monitors, this would add great potential for contesting and DXing.  I can see monitoring two bands while still having my primary radio form fill an entire monitor, like I do now.

Now, try doing something like that with a box radio.  :)
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Along with the slices being movable it would be great to be able to move the location of the tools on the right side to a different monitor allowing you to keep the screen with slices u littered.
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Agree.....and don't forget to add your VOTE.

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ  
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     There are "loose ends" accumulating.  This is one of them.  A few small  things can make the
difference between a ragged and a finished product, even though we know the quality that lies

Ned,  K1NJ
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Al / NN4ZZ

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A few comments about the effort to make this change. When designing a gui application in the Windows environment, one of the early decisions is whether the panels will be fixed or dockable. Making a change in this decision later is possible but requires considerable re-factoring and testing. For an application like SSDR for Windows, it could take many weeks of development and many weeks of testing. Users that become accustomed to one design take time to get used to the change so there is also a significant amount of customer support needed.

No doubt that dockable windows provide great flexibility but there is a significant cost to make the change. So I won't be surprised that even though this is a popular request (most votes at around 56) it may be a long time before it is addressed if ever.

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ
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If there is sufficient demand from us, the customers, who make FRS thrive then that should be enough.  Difficult?  Many things are difficult,  that does not make them less important - maybe more.
more features  equal more customers.  More customers equal more profit - seems pretty obvious to me.
Gene K3GC
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I have 4 monitors and a 43" 4K on the way, it would be awesome to be able to spread things out.

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Al / NN4ZZ

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Glad to hear this idea is coming in V2.x as demoed at Xenia 2017. It has been the first or second most wanted feature for a few years now at 68 votes.

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ
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Already works on my less than stellar version of SSDR ! (which will never see the light of day beyond my own use) But, I'm glad to see it's coming to SSDR V2.x !

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