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I find it amazing how many features the Elad FDM-SW2 software has already and is just a few years old, although the hardware is not as good as a flex the software shows just how far SmartSDR has to go as far as customization and User interface features.

Again this is NOT to say a FDM-Duo is a better radio it is to show that SmartSDR has a long way to go in terms of features and user customization.

In May 2017 SmartSDR and the 6000 series will be over 5 years old and is still only at Ver 1.10 and will jump to Ver 2 but will it be even close in terms this level of features & customization?

Yes I know WAN is coming in Ver 2 and that's great but will that be it, I guess will just have to see...

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Posted 2 years ago

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Why keep comparing SSDR with PSDR? PSDR was many years in the making till it got to were it is. Also there are many things that can be done  in SSDR that just could not be done in PSDR no matter what you do. SSDR leaves PSDR in the dust.

It is unlikely the value of the 6300 and the 6500 will go down much either, there are just to many people trying to get their hands on one.

I am exited about the new radios, putting it all in one stand alone box..no computer, great display,,best in all radio. And the performance, all great.
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Yes Bill the new radios are beautiful and answer the need for many operators to have a “Real Standalone SDR” and are reasonably priced for the features.

The 63/6500 are still very powerful radios that will grow with the SmartSDR.

However when I spoke to one of they guys (I wont mention his name out of respect for his right to privacy) at the booth in Xenia he acted as if he didn’t know what I was taking about and the need expressed by many SSDR users about the lack of features as compared to PowerSDR and other SDR software available today here on the group as well spoken about on the HF bands, In fact while I was speaking to the him another few hams came up and began to reiterate just what I was saying.

When I said to him that SSDR was lacking some of the basic convenience features he said “What Features” And so I and the others began to rattle off just a few and again he seem surprised that people wanted this stuff.

I asked if now that they are done with hardware for a little while will they kick software development into high gear with SSDR he said “No, But we did just hire 1 new software engineer” I said that's great news about the new person I just hope that's enough to really get the software going.

I sure hope the SSDR team all check into the online users group so they understand what the customers are saying.

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Two weeks ago I bought an Elad FDM-Duo. You can read my initial opinion of it on my website. As I used the rig over the next 10 days or so I started to appreciate SSDR and realized I'd been taking for granted things like ergonomics and the importance of useful features as opposed to gee-whiz features incorporated ad naseum into the Duo's SW2 software. "More features" does not equal better software. The Duo is an ergonomic flop and I'll go into specific reasons for that on my website (so as not to pollute this list with what would be off-topic here) in the next couple of weeks.

"john" I believe you are KA4DPO due to the tone, subject matter and timing of your posts both here and on eHam's SDR forum. Regardless, it's ok to use a callsign here - no need for anonymity (unless your personality requires it).

I sold my FDM-Duo yesterday and won't miss it a bit.

John AE5X
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I looked at the screenshot, and most definitely do not want. Way too busy. Anyhow, some people want every single functino on the screen at all times, so it's a matter od taste, but I would't buy just based on that. I agree that despite all the hatred in here for the Flex Radio, SSDR is ergonomically sound and a joy to use. 

I also don't get it - the main complainers complain about SSDR all the time and it is obvious that the cure for their problem is to get a different radio. 

I hope you post when your ereview goes up

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