DXLab Commander 11.9.3 is available

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Dave, AA6YQ, put a lot of work into Commander in the last few weeks to improve 6000 series support.  It seems to be playing quite well now with my 6700, including RTTY mode.

Commander no longer requires a COM port for the 6000 series.  It communicates directly with the Ethernet API.  Kudos to Dave for tackling this large change.

Here is his post (Oct 2 10:44PM PDT) from the DXLab Yahoo group:

This release

- when controlling a Flex-6000,

*** doesn't create Slice B when "Dual Receive" is being disabled

*** correctly sets VFO B's mode when Split is set by another application (tnx to Bob, N7ZO)

*** and directed to set split, creates the required slice if it's not present (tnx to Bob, N7ZO)

*** doesn't create a slice if creation of that slice has already been requested but not acknowledged (tnx to Bob, N7ZO)

*** doesn't set the other VFO's transmit flag when a VFO is reported to no longer be present (tnx to Roger W9YU)

*** supports the new RTTY mode provided by SmartSDR 1.5 (tnx to Bob K5KDN and Bob N7ZO)

*** and directed by another application to change the transceiver's mode to CW-R, changes the transceiver's mode to CW (tnx to John K1ESE)

*** and directed by another application to change the transceiver's mode to RTTY-R, changes the transceiver's mode to RTTY

*** provides a new "Full width RX Filters" option that when enabled supports the maximum 12 KHz RX filter bandwidth in CW, LSB, USB, DIGL, DIGU, and RTTY modes

- improves frequency tracking for Yaesu FTDX-9000, FTDX-5000, FTDX-3000, FT-2000, FTDX-1200, FT-991, FT-950, and FT-450 radios (tnx to Dan KC2STA)

- provides TX meter display for Yaesu FTDX-9000, FTDX-5000, FTDX-3000, FT-2000, FTDX-1200, FT-991, and FT-950 radios (tnx to Dan KC2STA and Art W2NRA)

- provides an RF TX meter display for Kenwood TS-590S and TS-590SG radios (tnx to Andy K3YWC)

- includes S-meter and TX-meter files for the Kenwood TS-590S (tnx to Andy K3YWC)

- accepts an "xcvrfiltergroup" directive, allowing other applications to select a Filter Group (tnx to Joe W4TV)

- updates the Configuration.htm, and TXMeter.htm documentation files


1. Instructions for using Commander and WinWarbler with a Flex 6300, 6500, or 6700 is available via


2. special thanks to Bob N7ZO who patiently provided errorlog.txt files so I could correct defects in Flex 6000 support while travelling sans radio

Commander 11.9.3 is available via the DXLab Launcher and via



Dave, AA6YQ

73, Bob, N7ZO
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Posted 3 years ago

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Plus One!
Dave's support is the best.

Bob, K8RC