Duh, can't remember if the should be plugged into the 6K or Computer

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I've has some stuff unplugged as I was rearranging the shack.
Putting it back together and I can't remember how to plug the FlexControl should be connected.
I plugged it into the F6K but that didn't work.
I plugged it into the Computer connected to the 6K and that didn't seem to work either.

Wish I could say it's because I drink....but I don't!  Maybe I should start!
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  • embarrisingly stupid

Posted 5 years ago

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Official Response

It plugs into your pc.

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the computer probably assigned it to a different COM port if you plugged it into a different USB port.
It's best to mark your USB ports and the devices you have plugged into them so the computer can find the hardware and configure things for what you have already set up in your programs when it boots up correctly so you don't run into these problems.
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In  my setup, the FexControl always takes COM 3 no matter which USB port I put it into - I don't think the actual number is relevant. The FlexControl sometimes seems to have a mind if its own. I have had it connected and not working; connected, working but not recognised as far as SSDR is concerned (I can use it but not configure it).

Bill, if in doubt, drink.
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Bill,    A suggestion for you for future help with your station cabling.  At one of the Big Box stores ,like Home Depot or Lowes, go to the electrical department, usually where the tape, ty-wraps, pliers etc .are located, and pick up a booklet of the electrical marker tabs.  usually containing small sticker flags of numbers 0-9 and all of the alphabet characters.  Electricians use them to mark wires, cables or electrical circuits..  Use these labels to mark each of the cables plugging into your radio and computer and peripheral Ham equipment (mark both ends of each cable or whatever with the same number or alphabet character).  Then on a sheet of lined paper identify the marker and list out the plug or circuit and equipment that that cable or connector goes to.  Its much simpler to keep track of which cable, cord or connector is what in the rats nest of wires behind the equipment on our Shack desk :-)    I keep a small 3 ring binder of station notes and cable interconnects and even set up info on various modes like RTTY, or even a list of what ports are assigned to what in the computer.  Or what cables need to be equipped with toroids for rf suppression etc etc...... It's quick and simple to do for future reference as needed and an idea that has bailed me out of many a jam.


Larry  K1UO

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With the advent of the smartphone and their easily accessible cameras. I find that if I just take pictures of all the cables before disassembling things, reassembling things is much easier.

I also suggest you take screen shots of all your settings. Saves lots of future agony
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Even better Howard,  I forgot to mention my initial notes were made with chisel and hammer using stone tablets.
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Tnx Howard
I've been taking screen shots of every page of settings for both Radio and Software for years.
I store these in folders on my desktop and are named appropriately.

Saved my butt many a time.
I'm also happy to report that the light dawned in my rapidly dimming brain almost exactly after I wrote the email as sure enough, I had a folder containing that info.

Unfortunately for me...my shack is in a converted basement closet.
To get at the back of the radios, amps, ancillary equipment, I must slide under the table and pop my head and shoulders up so I can see all the backs or connector locations of the equipment.

but tnx again for the suggestions
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Another sometimes forgotten aspect of Chisel and Hammer on Stone Tablet note taking is, More ammunition, without putting any unneeded wear and tear on the Chisel or the Hammer, remember when going into any discussion bring plenty of ammunition err... scraps of note paper.
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I have learned the hard way that labeling cables saves a lot of time and frustration.  No matter how nice and neat I arrange station wiring, it always seems to turn into a rat's nest eventually - even when I don't touch a thing.

I use a Brother label maker with the TZ type tape cartridges.  The tape is a little pricey but it can be used for a lot of different things around the shack.  You can even color code your wire markers.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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