DPSDR + macloggerDX (MLDX) + 6600M = 4slice with spots on panafall

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Well being a Mac enthusiast and loving my flex 6600M decided to show what 4 slices on 4 different bands with mldx and dpsdr looks like. Oh, by the way all spots are after filtering is applied show up on the panafall too

yepper all mac...no windoze anywhere ;-O

i have also run 4 instances of wsjtx and jtbridge with dpsdr and all that required the use of xDax and loopback for audio routing and xCat for rig control (by Mario, DL3LSM)

This was running on mac mini (i7) with 27 inch monitor

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Posted 1 year ago

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Scott Russell - N1SER

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Sweet! I'm a Mac guy too, that's my main computer but I'm still using a pc for all the ham stuff. Now that I'm a new Flex owner (6400) I may try and start using the Mac to see how it works. Do you do any contesting? I use N1MM and so I'm not sure what to do about that.

Scott N1SER
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hi Scott

i do some contesting, more for the fun than the hard competition.
some ssb, cw and even rtty...

i use mldx in its "contest" mode and have built mldx cw macros that work  even where you need to increment qso number. For CW simplicity i use a winkeyer that mldx will key.

also have few rtty macros that do the same thing

when it comes to ssb, that is a little different, mldx has a voice keyer
but i have yet to use it.
just started to build some voice macros but have not used them..yet..

i start a new log for each contest as these can be merged in to the main log
helps find dx not worked fro that contest..
can use the spots and alarms feature to help find those extra points

the only time i use windoze  now is to run cwskimmer in Fusion VM.

mldx has feature calle "extra cluster" which will connect to this windows based cwskimmer
allow for being connected to any internet based cluster at the same time

for digital modes (rtty) i use fldigi and have even used cocoamodem
for FT8 obviuously wsjtx

i have found Loopback to be the best solution for audio routing with xDax

i do a lot of dx hunting and chasing, right now only three away from Honor Roll
so being on multiple bands at same time really helps
cant beat dual or even three receiver split operations
with three receiver split can listen to bottom. middle and top parts of a pileup
find where a dx station is actually working
and with the flex can 'see' whats happening...

i use to run TenTEC Orion II that i mod'd with SDR-IQ as a third receiver
there i could 'see' what happening too and listen to a pileup on two receivers

this type of operation sold me on flex capability

MY 6600M is my dream machine...

sometimes at the end of a session with the rig going full blast
i find my head spinning and need a 'neet' drink to settle things down ;-)

hope this helps
paul k3sf